The three pillars of aircraft noise:

Politics. Money. Lobbyists. It's not rocket science.

FAA Funded Study: ". . .results provide evidence of a statistically significant association between exposure to aircraft noise and cardiovascular health."

(Funding: FAA award No 09-C-NE-HU amendment No 004 and 10-C-NE-BU amendment No 002). They knew but proceeded anyway. View report here.


This young woman's story of her family's misery beneath the FAA's oppressive NextGen flight tracks will break your heart.

"How can I be sane? . . . I'm on the edge of breaking

. . . it is so bad."

FAA's NextGen: Neither clean nor environmentally friendly. . .U.S. politicians and residents speak out against the misery of being crop-dusted by the FAA's low-altitude, debilitating NextGen flight paths — the damage to health, the loss of sleep, property devaluation, aircraft noise and the carcinogenic, asthma-inducing air it brings to the environment and cities. Click here to comprehend NextGen in under 30 seconds.