More comments from victims of the FAA's NextGen low-altitude, carcinogenic-producing aircraft navigation system.

Brooklyn and Queens residents 2011 - 2015

  1. Another slepless night in Brooklyn Heights, lots of airplanes/helicopter noises... 2am
  2. We should all meet up, thousands of us, and go protest out Schumer's house, Gillibrand's house, and speak to Hakeem Jeffries and other politicians in large groups at their office. They are clearly evading their responsibility of stopping FAA from committing this crime. We should organize and meet up instead of individual online complaint and see no results. The organizer of this website should really allow us to meet each other and discuss strategies, and we should all make the effort to participate instead of simply complaint, which clearly is not taking us very far.
  3. Can't we form a super-pac or something to vote in a politician that would help us?
  4. Another unbearable day of perpetually loud airplane noise above Prospect Park. Simply mind boggling how there has been no change to this situation, how lawmakers continue to allow planes to fly this low and make these neighborhoods unlivable. It's not just a plane jet here and there... It's bombarding war sounds twice a minute all day long.
  5. In Brooklyn Heights it's the same, very low planes flying, lots of noise and pollution... The last plane (or helicopter?) flew by like 15 min ago... What we can go instead of just complain on this website?
  6. I live in Howard Beach, and my life expectancy is 10 years shorter, due to the airplane noise. Sorry, but I have to used these words. This is a crime against humanity, nonstop planes 24 hours a day, every 30 seconds. My family and I only sleeps about 4 hours per night. Please don't waste your time and vote for these politicians. The PA and the FAA MUST be sued. I hope and pray that attorneys will help us fight the PA and the FAA, especially in my Howard Beach neighborhood. Wow a large plane just flew by lets say 1000 feet.
  7. We should remember the politicians who do nothing or are not doing enough, and completely remove them from their office, especially Chuck Schumer, and all our city council members. The Congress was idiotic enough to give the FAA a free ride at our expensive, so we need to elect new congress members who are more responsible. It's been too long and FAA continues to have their way to crop dust over us non stopped for days on end. Just stop, this can not go on like this any longer!!!
  8. I'm in Prospect Heights on St Johns between Plaza and Underhill. Between 9:45 and 10:15 pm last night we had a helicopter circling overhead which was extremely loud! It woke up our kids. Can't something be done to reduce the noise level?
  9. Please make your complaints here, today the sound was going up to 80DB!!! sounds like a airplanes is crashing in the sky, how can this be allowed?
  10. Please do what you can to get the FAA to roll back this disastrous NextGen implementation. Hundreds of thousands of people are suffering under these new "highways in the sky." When did the government of, by and for THE PEOPLE become a government that serves only the airline industry? This is so wrong. Please, I beg you to do whatever you can to get this disaster rolled back.
  11. Airplanes have been flying very low in Clinton Hill/ Bed-Stuy area, the noise level is awful around 75db, on top of that everyone is probably getting cancer from the exhaust that is being dumped on us every two minutes. how could this be happening? will it ever end? If the FAA knows that 65DB is the limit then how can they let the Airplanes fly so low? I don't remember the planes flying this low last year, what is going on?
  12. Studies aren't necessary. The noise is horrible and has to stop. I got four and a half hours to sleep between the planes and helicopters at night and the ones at dawn.
  13. The quality of life for my family and neighbors has decreased dramatically in the last two years because of low flying planes and helicopters. There must be new flight patterns over Bed Stuy and Clinton Hill. We are woken nightly by the deafening sounds of planes flying. It's starting to sound like living in a war zone or a police state. It is very bizarre how many planes seem to be flying right over this residential area. This is not how life was here, Something new has happened and I'd love to it to stop.
  14. Agree with Adrastos, it's obvious Next Gen is causing the planes to fly way lower and way more frequent than they used to, FAA should just switch the flight path to what they used to be and fly over rivers most of the times. Schumer and Gillibrand are simply garbage who get paid with our hard earned tax money and care nothing about us, and did nothing to change this problem. Schumer is worse, he directly contributed to this by voting yes to "Categorial Exclusion" and green lighted Next Gen. He also constantly lies saying he is working on this issue, but we see no result over 3 years. It must be money from the airline industry. We should do everything we can to vote them out of their office!!!
  15. We do not need an independent noise study to take 2 years, we need something done now. We know the noise is constant and deafaning. We know because of nextgen the planes are more frequent, and fly lower. By now, everyone should know this. The FAA simply does not care, this is obvious. Our elected officials, Schummer and Gillibrand have done nothing in the last 3 years about this situation. We need to vote them out once and for all. Calling Sydney Renwick at Schumers office also does nothing either. This noise pollution because pf the airplanes is happening all across America. Phoneix is the only place that has the balls to sue the FAA. Why isnt NYC doing anything about this. I also heard that Donald Trumps golf course in the bronx wants the planes re routed away from his golf course.....what about us. i want the flight paths put back the way they were. this constant noise in our skies is BS already. I'm sick of it, and the tourist helicopters are another nusiance all along our waterfronts. What is happening to our skies is simply unacceptable, and yet no one but us here, seem to care. sad.
  16. flying 2-3 planes per min in such clear day in low altitude 1700 feet high, is simply idiotic. actions and environmental studies need to happen ASAP to stop this criminal act!! We should vote to remove the representatives who do nothing to change this!!
  17. We need our elected representatives to watch out for our interests and stop this harmful noise and air pollution for thousands of Brooklyn families and children! We insist on an independent noise pollution study in Prospect Park - which used to be traditionally a place for peace and quiet and nature, but is now where neither birds nor conversations can be heard through the deafening noise of commercial airlplanes and helicopters. My children can't nap or sleep without being woken up from the noise. I Imagine with planes flying 1500-3000 feet above as I have read they are now doing, the air pollution is hurting us as well. The FAA must re-route these flights over the water, and not over residential areas. We elect representatives to protect us. Please begin to protect us, and not the airlines.
  18. Sunday 6/14/2015 9:38pm About every 10 minutes tonight for the last hour a helicopter has buzzed over our apartment. We feel like we are living in a war zone. No peace. send them over waterways, make the fly higher, or make them utilize sound baffling equipment.
  19. Thank you Jimmy for the information! I WILL be calling! I found out this information: EPA Moves Toward Curbing Airplane Emissions Under Clean Air Act - Won't Take Effect Until 2018 - The Associated Press. EPA says Carbon emissions from aircraft endanger human health. Can we NOT pay property taxes until 2018? Can we force planes to fly over water?? Why should we allow this to be inflicted upon us until 2018? So that the city can make continue to make money on the land it leases to the airports? Figure things out, a plane every 40 seconds for up to 20 hours a day! Until 2018!!
  20. Hey Phillys, Call Schumer's aide, Sydney Renwick, she is most of time nice and you can actually get a hold of her. We should all call her. 212-486-4430 Schumer is clearly trying to side step this issue, but at least she is accessible, and will forward your request to Schumer.
  21. Wednesday was another day ruined by plane after plane after plane! I tried to ignore the planes by telling my self I soon would be leaving my home. Did NOT work. I soon had out both my cell, computer and landline! I called in my complaints to the FAA. E-Mailed my complaint on QueensQuietSkies, called D. Richards, Jimmy Van B and then called Schumer's office. Was totally blown off by all but Richards. Was told they could do NOTHING!! If I wanted to file a complaint I should "snail mail" Schumer's office. Was given his address! HOW does these men get re-elected??
  22. I agree with Lisa completely. This forum is only a good start, but not enough at all. I have so far file over 3,000 complaints on I have also been calling Hakeem Jeffries, Charles Schumer, and my City Council member Laurie Cumbo. Their response has been lukewarm and even avoidance. I also emailed Anthony Fox at the FAA, he simply flat out lie. Clearly, not enough people are calling them. New Yorkers please wake up and flood them with calls, and we need to meet up and have rallies.
  23. I'm a Crown Heights/Prospect Heights resident going stir crazy with planes flying over head every few minutes. There was some relief after 1 am this morning but then it was back to non stop noise by 7 am. It really is unbearable and ear plugs don't help.
  24. The past month in Prosepect Heights has been unbearable. Planes flying so low every minute and the noise is very loud and distracting. It goes on past midnight sometimes and is affecting sleep.
  25. Fell asleep after 1am after last planes finally flew by. Woke up before 7am when they started again. I can't live like this it is affecting my work performance, my mental health and overall well being. We need to be more proactive. This forum is a good start but it is not enough. Phoenix has sued the FAA. We need to continuously talk to local politicians, media, etc. File a noise complaint every time a plow-flying plane roars by (although sometimes that is literally one THOUSAND times a day if they go on all day) as often as you can. Share you story on social media, with journalists, etc. We need to make as much noise about this issue as they have been over our homes.
  26. Will some politician please do something about this airplane noise? It is astounding that these planes have been allowed to fly so low. It is after midnight and planes are roaring over this neighborhood.
  27. Planes are going freaking nuts again. Nonstop, I can't fall asleep even with ear plugs because of the deafening noise. How is this OK??? Why is Phoenix doing something about is and NYC isn't?? I am going insane over this. At least 3 low-flying jets have roared overhead as I wrote this.
  28. It is 1 am and non stopped airplanes are flying super low over prospect heights and Clinton Hill / Western Bedstuy. I want the congress, senates and and all legislators to withhold funding in the 2015 FAA Reauthorization Bill unless the FAA lower legal DNL threshold from the current 65 DNL to 55 DNL, and conduct complete en stop using Next Gen. The FAA needs to be re-structured and have new management, as the current officials don't seem to understand how to properly spend our tax money without destroying our environment, health and quality of life
  29. I'm not in Park Slope, I live in Riverdale in the Bronx. I have never been so disturbed by air traffic as I have this week. There are at least one plane flying over every two to three minutes- low and loud. I am TRYING to sleep with ear plugs, a pillow over my head and white noise but the planes rumble over it all. We deal with all the noise from cars, street noise, etc in the city and all the noise definitely adversely affects our health. Elected officials- please think of the people you represent not just businesses. Please take the necessary steps to protect the health and sanity of your constituents.
  30. Please do something about the airplane noise. It seems the planes are flying MUCH LOWER than they ever have and the noise is deafening. Why did the FAA allow the planes to fly so low? It is impossible to hold a regular conversation outside when this happens, which is nearly every night. It doesn't stop till midnight, sometimes later if there are delays. Please order a study, do what you have to do, but start the ball rolling to end the ear splitting noise.
  31. The weather is crystal clear today, cloudless. And it is beyond belief that FAA is flying the planes so low in Bedstuy / Clinton Hill, as low as 1600 feet, and non-stopped. We need a new administration, most of our current representatives need to go, especially the congress persons who vote to allow Next Gen implementation without environmental studies (Categorial Inclusion), notably, Chuck Schumer. Stop this non sense right now FAA, and reroute the planes over the rivers!!!
  32. The constant noise of airplanes flying overhead in Prospect Heights is seriously affecting the health and well-being of the neighborhood's residents. Today, the planes have been flying every minute or so. I ask for an independent noise study. Not only that, action should be taken to re-route planes (e.g. over the river), out of the way of densely populated urban areas. I support Quiet Skies' efforts.
  33. I want Congress to give local governments within 5 miles of any airport runway the authority to impose passenger facility charges up to 50 cents per passenger, indexed by inflation, to provide resources for managing aircraft noise and for producing independent studies of aircraft noise problems. I want Congress and the FAA to recognize that aircraft noise is a public health issue. Environmental noise has traditionally been dismissed as an inevitable fact of life and has not been targeted or controlled to the same extent as other health risks.  A growing body of research linking noise to adverse health effects coupled with proactive legislation, primarily in the EU, is now driving change.  Environmental noise has often been referred to as the ‘forgotten pollutant’ but is now recognized as an environmental and public health issue which needs to be addressed.  The World Health Organization recently estimated that at least 1 million healthy life years are lost every year due to traffic-related noise in Western Europe.”  Source: Environmental Noise Pollution (2014) by Enda Murphy and Eoin King.  I want the FAA to establish health-based limits on environmental noise as the EPA, the World Health Organization and nearly every national and international organization responsible for protecting public health have done. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends the DNL metric and 55 dB as the “level requisite to protect health and welfare with an adequate margin of safety.” Source: Information on Levels of Environmental Noise Requisite to Protect Public Health and Welfare with an Adequate Margin of Safety (1974) EPA . I want Surgeon General Murthy to review the literature concerning the health effects of aircraft noise and emissions and recommend threshold criteria for protecting public health and well-being by 2016. 
  34. I want the FAA and NIH to complete a “conclusive enough” study of the health effects of sleep disturbance ASAP. "The link between aircraft noise and sleep disturbance is clear. The further link between sleep disturbance and long-term health effects has not been conclusively established." (2014) FAA I want the FAA and the airlines to submit a plan to Congress before Christmas 2016 for shrinking the 55 dB DNL contour to airport property boundaries by 2030. I want GAO to review current practices for managing aircraft noise. Are stakeholders consulted about proposed changes? Are noise abatement measures effective for protecting public health and well-being? Are Part 150 noise compatibility studies effective for balancing aviation industry interests and community interests? I want Congress to require the FAA and airport operators to disclose and share data that consumers, property owners and the general public need to inform their understanding and decision making. Where is the app that anyone can use to understand current and future noise impacts for any neighborhood and which airlines are reducing noise and fuel emissions? I want Congress to aggressively promote market solutions and accounting practices that align consumption, production and profitability with environmental sustainability by incorporating environmental costs into prices and balance sheets so that consumers, investors, manufacturers and airlines can make informed decisions and airlines that invest in solutions to reduce their environmental footprint can recoup their investments and enjoy a competitive advantage. I want Congress to restore funding to the EPA Noise Office and give EPA the authority to protect public health and well-being from the harmful effects of aircraft noise and emissions.
  35. It is 12:15am and there are planes engines roaring over my apartment every 60 seconds in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn - help!!
  36. I am in Jackson Heights, and the planes are literally roaring down my street this weekend. I have lived here ten years and have seen a recent and dramatic increase in plane noise. My 7-year-old daughter, who is not feeling well, has been awakened before 6am BOTH days this weekend. In my room, we have on the air conditioner and TWO white noise machines and it is still roaring overhead. Class action lawsuit? I'm in. I just LOST IT this morning and starting crying when I saw her little face again so early. She can't even get enough sleep to get better! Definitely affecting me psychologically and her physically.
  37. I don't understand what is up either. I live in Glendale, Queens and today the planes flew so low that I can see people from the window lol ... it's funny, but very very annoying. It woke me up like 3 times this morning, the weather has been super nice so I don't see a reason for it. Does anyone have some answers to this? Why it's happening?
  38. We just moved to Park Slope to get a little piece of mind away from the city where we lived for 3 years. It's really kind of absurd how low these planes are flying around Prospect Park. Beautiful sunny days are marred by air pollution and noise almost 24 hours a day. At very dangerous levels -- can barely hear yourself talking on the street. Please support this study.
  39. Hakeem Jeffries' office told me FAA will not do anything until FAA have a full years' data on how noisy it really is. Which will be sometime this summer. This is a joke at this point, non stopped low flying planes even in a sunny day. The constant barrage of the noise is undeniable and inescapable for residents, and the FAA are taking still their sweet time to continue torturing us. But what action they will take, if at all, is unknown. Worst scenario is they come to "determine" the noise to be nothing and nothing gets changed forever? Are we in a dictatorship society? Why are our representatives not standing up to FAA's bully like those in Phoenix? Mayor of Phoenix has announced impending possibility of suing the FAA over aircraft noise pollution. What's wrong with New York? Too afraid to act regardless of our suffering? The congress has made a big mistake to allow the FAA to ruin our environment and life like this, and they are not fixing it fast enough.
  40. Its so hard to believe that this major problem which keeps getting bigger and is affecting lives well-being and health of thousands of people is being bluntly ignored. What is happening to this country? Is this a democracy or a dictatorship where citizens have no say. We pay a ton of taxes only to allow the Untouchables of FDA and Port Authority get richer at the expense of our basic human right. Even in less civilized societies governments don't get away with stuff like this. Its more than shameful. I am beyond angered and frustrated...How much longer?????
  41. I am writing this at nearly midnight on 4/27/15. For the over two hours now on the Maspeth/Middle Village border there have been extremely low flying planes roaring over my home, keeping me, my husband and my two children (ages 4 & 11 weeks) awake. Now I don't know why this is suddenly happening, or why it is happening every 30 seconds in a residential neighborhood with scores of young children. But I do know that I vote, and my husband votes and we will not be voting for any politician who is unwilling to deal with this very real and very serious quality of life issue for the residents of queens.
  42. I agree with Roberto. The planes have been roaring non stopped again the past few days. The Congress has failed us by giving the FAA free pass to trample over our communities. FAA approves to be the most shameless government agency that sucks up to the command of the big money airline industry and ruins our quality of life and health. Phoenix is on the verge of suing the FAA, we should push our city officials to sue as well, or have a Class action suit against FAA's atrocity, and illegal act!! We also need to depost the congress persons who supported this bill to implement Next gen without environmental studies, and get all the FAA officials fired!!!
  43. It's time to end the flippant dismissal of noise complaints are mere petty annoyances. Noise is an extremely damaging assault on human and animal health. Air pollution is pollution and noise pollution is pollution. Protection from both forms of pollution is a human right. Just because people live in cities does not mean that they must be tortured and have their lives shortened by pollution.
  44. Here we have a beautiful spring day, and the roar of frequent low-lying aircraft can be heard inside the house with the windows closed. When we moved to this neighborhood six years ago, the sound of aircraft was present but not overbearing, certainly not near the 70+ decibels and flying at 1600 feet. Why has this changed? We moved here because we expected a quieter (while still urban) neighborhood, and then the FAA and the PA change the flight paths?
  45. I've lived here in south Islip nearly 38 yrs. About 8 yrs ago I began to hear LOW & LOUD helicopters late at night/early am too. I called ToI and complained. The next day 5 military copters flew over LOUD & LOW. Since then I get non stop helicopters & other aircraft everytime I go out to garden or sit on my porch. It's not just military. I see FBI copters flying DIRECTLY over my home too low to be seen on radar even.
  46. Independent Noise studies are Needed ASAP, legal noise limit should also be decreased from the current 65db to 55 db now. FAA can totally reroute the planes to fly over water as they do once and a while. But they would not just in order to increase airline industry's profit, not buy a whole lot, only a few dollars per seat. The Congress allows this, clearly in the eyes of these congress people, we residents lives are worth less than these profit margin differences of the airlines. congress and FAA either don't know better, or they have taken too much political contribution from the airline industry to turn a bline eye to this sabotage of our health and quality of life. We need to bring in new blood to the Congress using our votes and get those corrupted politicians out. We need a Congress that can reform FAA, and make them accountable for what they have done.
  47. I don't live near an airport, I didn't buy a home near an airport. I don't want to hear planes fly over my home every 30 seconds all day long for the rest of my life. I want the FAA to reroute the planes over thew water or anywhere else that doesn't affect residents. This is unfair that the FAA changed the flight paths over our homes. Congress allowed this and they should be held accountable. I live clear across the the land from LGA, I should NOT have to hear or see planes flying over my home in Bath Beach every 30 seconds all day long. We don't need an independent noise study, we know the noise is unbeareable, yet out elected officials have done nothing since this all started in 2012. NOTHING has been done. It is happening all over the US, now Phoeniz AZ is having the same problem. It is sickening that congress is allowing this, simply sickening that our country is allowing this to happen to all the tax payers, what is comes down to is, they simply do not care about us.
  48. The helicopters hovering over my house for days on end is really annoying. Last time it turned out it was Prince William coming to watch a basketball game. I'm not sure what it's been these past two days, but I hope it's not Hilary as she just opened up shop down the road. The noise is annoying in and of itself, but to find out it's because of privilege sucks doubly. By the way, I'm excited I found out you can report helicopter noise on 311. Please, if any of you on here are annoyed by the hovering copters, please join in filing complaints! Thanks
  49. I had never heard a plane fly right above me at 1:40am, flying so low it feels like it is about to crash into my building. It wakes me up in a panic every time. Changes must take place, this is unsafe and intolerable. From Kensington.
  50. An independent noise study is imperative and must be perform ASAP!!I the legal noise limit needs to be lowered to 55 db also. (It's currently 65). Things are worse in Bed stuy, Clinton Hill, and even worse in East Williamsburg, where planes are flying at a mere 2000 feet and sometimes much lower, as low as a dangerous 1400 feet high, especially when the sky is cloudy, which is most of the time in NYC. The noise is intolerable. Shame on the FAA for such disregard to our life, health and sanity. Was told by Hakeem Jeffries' office that FAA to this day is still not admitting next Gen is causing excessive noise and air pollution in super high concentration to residents along the new flight path. FAA insist they will not do anything until sometime this summer, when they can review a whole year data collected by the noise meters. And until then, it'll be up to FAA to decide what action to take. Well, given how they illegally implemented. NextGen without proper environmental studies, I do not trust FAA will reasonably mitigate the noise, and stop forcing residents under new flight path to take on all the noise and pollution. Someone, something, such as legal actions has to intervene to get FAA to do the right thing!! They are taking their time, and in their mind, our suffering means nothing, they are not working for us, but mere instrument of greedy airline industry who bet on our misery for higher profits. We should boycott airline industry until they get this fixed.
  51. I strongly support the petition for an independent noise study in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Midwood, Kensington, Borough Park, Dyker Heights, Windsor Terrace, Park Slope, Crown Heights, and Prospect Heights. In each of these neighborhoods, the noise of roaring jet engines plagues residents from 7 am until well past midnight. We can hear the noise with windows closed and over television and normal conversation. It wakes up our children. It causes us to lose sleep and be in a constant state of anxiety. This noise has arisen since the implementation of the NextGen system. There is no doubt that the dedicated runway-like paths created by NextGen, where planes fly at altitudes below 3,000 feet over the whole of Brooklyn along a single, narrow path, one after the other every 20-30 seconds, is responsible for this intolerable noise. We believe that the FAA did not study this noise appropriately before implementing the new system. Please perform a noise study immediately-or better yet, simply advise air traffic controllers at LGA and JFK that planes should not be permitted to fly at altitudes below 8000 feet when arriving or departing above congested residential areas (a policy already followed by numerous airports such as Gatwick in England and RDU in North Carolina). It is an embarrassment to our great city that we cannot manage to control such noise, when other smaller cities have long ago figured out how to protect their residents from such an intolerable nuisance. If LGA and JFK do not take action in the manner suggested, a class action against them and the airlines is certainly warranted, since they can comply with the FAA's NextGen system while simply directing planes to fly at higher altitudes. Now that the airports are on notice of the noise problem (as numerous noise complaints have been filed about this issue since NextGen was implemented) there is no excuse for the continuing failure to respond. If all of the residents of these neighborhoods were included in the class, damages could number in the hundreds of millions of dollars.
  52. We all need to get some press coverage on this serious problem. FAA and the port are banking on the fact that less people are effected, so less complaints, they don't care that people who are affected are going through hell. We need to expose their shady, illegal dealing, and disregard to our polluted environment, and ruined quality of life. We need to raise the awareness, and expose the shameless politicians who feed on our hard earned tax dollars but are doing nothing to help us. I'm trying to get something going on the press. Complaining here is good, but not enough to get this fixed.
  53. We live on 3rd Street in Park Slope, a beautiful block which has turned into an intolerable hell with roaring airplanes buzzing our house every 40 seconds. This is torture and we need to organize to find a way to stop it. If planes flew only 20% higher (as they likely used to) then we could all settle into our peaceful lives again.
  54. Note that "FAA can do whatever they want because they have the backing of the congress, which all of us are paying high taxes to support. Also note that FAA declines the interviews of CBS, obviously, they know they are wrong and they are getting their way anyway. Shame on those politicians who don't care about our calamity as result of FAA's atrocity, shame of this administration for allowing FAA to sabotage their citizens lives. One interviewee says it all, "I'm asking for the FAA to be sensitive to community concerns and ensure that not one community bears the noise, but that there's a fair and common sense distribution in the vicinity of airports,"
  55. Hi Jill and all my fellow victims of FAA's reckless new flight patterns and Next Gen technology. I feel your pain, and I suffer greatly, though in a less gentrified area, Bed Stuy / Clinton Hill. Most of the politicians we have elected are extremely selfish people who would Not do anything for their constituents unless they have to. New Yorkers are often busy with daily routines and have little time for anything else. But this is the time we have to use our collected effort/strength to change the situation. FAA must knows individual citizens can not afford to take legal actions against them, and therefore continue to sabotage our quality of life and environment, and take advantage of our inability to hold them accountable. Anyway we can collectively hold them accountable in legal or political efforts? There must be a way, complaining alone is not enough to get this fixed quickly.
  56. we live on montgomery place, the "most coveted" block in Park Slope and I hear planes almost every day coming in low and loud (enough to prevent conversation) every 1-2 minutes. It is terrible and I don't remember it ever being like this before in park slope. If I did, I wouldn't have decided to settle my family here. This is criminal and has to stop.
  57. If things don't improve soon, let's all vote Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand out of their office. Let's get rid of this administration also, who allows its own department, the FAA to be the perpetrator who destroys our quality of life and environment. Independent noise study needs to happen ASAP!!! Non stopped low flying planes are passing by as we speak, stop it!!!
  58. I live in Crown Heights with my wife and two young children, and the low-flying air traffic is constant, often times at a rate of three aircraft per minute. The air traffic has become increasingly noticeable during Feb/Mar 2015. The noise pollution is disruptive, hazardous, and not tolerable. I strongly support an independent noise study, in a step toward resolving this issue. On a separate (but related) note, my 5yo daughter suffers from asthma, and her condition is no doubt aggravated by higher counts of toxic pollutants and particulate matter coming from these low-flying aircraft.
  59. FAA already knows the Next Gen technology creates excessive noise that consistently bombard the same households over and over. But they don't Care,they are criminals and we need to hold them accountable. Im in a Bed stuy Brooklyn, it's past 1 am, and planes are still flying low over my block, it's infuriating. Let's vote all the pols out of their office, those who say they'd help but not helping, and you know who you are!'
  60. We just bought an apartment in Jackson Heights, Queens, and are experiencing the same noise horror the Brooklynites are enduring. We would never have moved here if we knew about the frequent, low, loud jet arrivals and takeoffs, complete with unhealthy petroleum jet fumes in the air. It sounds as if much of NYC is suffering from this. The NextGen computer system and its owners care nothing for the humans who live below the noise, only for the profits it engenders. Los Angeles' LAX has developed a system that flies planes in a special way that avoids the neighborhoods and beaches. Politicians, take note, if you want our vote! Time for action!
  61. It's pass 12am and I'm still hearing planes bombing woodside every 20 seconds. The sad thing is, People on the opposite of the phone have asked me if I lve in a war zone. This noise starts at 6am and ends pass 12am.. Sometimes 5 days a week. WHERE ARE THE PIG POLITICIANS WE ELECTED? do something good for your community and people for once! Our tax money is not a donationt o your pockets! I've made numerous complains the past year, but saw no actions!
  62. We recency moved to the Bayridge area in Brooklyn and to my horror I am finding that the airplane noise and is completely unbearable. I can think of a worst nightmare. After spending all lifesaving, getting a huge mortgage and paying a lot of taxes for a house in this area this is far from the quality of life I was looking for. Ignoring this issue is borderline criminal and I am shocked that people live with this. I have no words to describe how angry and upset I am over this situation. THIS HAS TO STOP.
  63. I'm in Jackson Heights. It's yet another morning where I've been woken at 6 am by low flying planes (which is pretty much every weekend). It wakes my baby, the birds and is ruining my live and health. My sleep is now so damaged that I'm on the verge of developing type 2 diabetes (blood sugar control requires sleep). I am so angry that I feel violent towards the FAA and want the elected officials to stop this. Before NextGen we heard nothing despite being near LaGuardia and now we may as well live on the runway. There is little being done. If I had deep pockets, I'd sue the Port Authority for doing this. I'm worried about the consequences for my health, my child's health and my career. It's literally ruining my life. If I rented, I'd move. They could easily reroute these planes but they don't. The noise is worst at 6-6.45 am then intermittent so there is no way to go back to sleep. I cannot live like this and neither can my neighbors. We are so densely populated that if anything goes wrong it would be a massive tragedy. Note they don't run planes over Manhattan after 9/11 but we are all fair game.
  64. Are they kidding with this today?? Literally every 20 seconds - I cannot work, sleep, talk on the phone, etc. Noise is so loud and it literally and doesn't stop...
  65. I also live in Woodside, Maria. I have been complaining for many years to Crowley, Schumer, Gillibrand and especially Jimmy Van B! I call his office constantly. I have been told I am THE ONLY PERSON FROM WOODSIDE complaining and VERY ANNOYING by Jimmy's staff! Read my prior complaints on this blog. I have since joined queensquietskies@aol. We have had marches, meetings and demonstrations. We have joined with Prospect Park. Jeff has been a pioneer, a hard worker and organizer in fighting against this absolutely disgusting situation! Maybe together we can get something done! I have been staying with a friend on 46th street, same block as Jimmy's home. Have noticed how planes turn down toward 52nd Street over Public School 11 and St. Sebastian's School. NOT over his home! Every 40 seconds for up to 20 hours per day. Even took video! My property tax went up and is going up again. Jimmy and staff will be seeing a lot of me soon as I am going to fight to have my taxes lowered due to lack of quality of life!They will find out just how annoying I am. After all, I pay their salaries!!!!
  66. Really outraged by this. There have been 0 changes to this situation. Yeah you would think Park Slope doesn't have it as bad as Queens given it is 10 miles away from LaGuardia. In reality though, it literally feels like we are ON the damn runway. It's time people understood that these precious expensive neighborhoods in Brooklyn which have become as expensive as Manhattan are NOT worth the money given you get no peace of mind here from the noise pollution of these planes (let alone health issues). It seriously should devalue the property here.... And again look at the amount of complaints on this forum. Selected officials have done nothing.
  67. I live in Woodside, Queens and am plagued by airplane noise. There is no such petition for us in Queens so I'll sign this one (though I doubt Park Slope has it as bad as Queens neighborhoods given our closer proximity to LaGuardia).
  68. Just took a walk in Prospect Park on a Saturday afternoon. It is unbelievable how no one is doing anything about the air pollution in this neighborhood. This beautiful park is being bombarded by planes - I've never seen them fly so low aside from at an airport. Is nothing happening to prevent this from continuing? It was so loud and frequent - not a moment of peace!
  69. Please fight to make the continuous aircraft stop crossing the Prospect Heights and Park Slope neighborhoods. I can see the undercarriage of the low flying planes as I am opening my front door. The regularity of the flight noise in certain wind directions is intolerable and it is scary how low they fly.This problem has grown worse in 2014/2015.
  70. The windows are rattling. We are in Park Slope, nobody can sleep because for the past 2+ hours (starting at 4am) there have been helicopters hovering overead. This is much worse than airplanes flying by to LGA, b/c these do not go away. What can we do?
  71. I also would go protest at LaGuardia. However I don't know if these small aircrafts are all from there. I live on the Upper East side by east river. It is unbearable. Every 5 seconds or so with helicopters etc,. My TV signal keeps getting knocked out which is extremely annoying. (And IT IS because of low flying aircraft, Every time I hear one approaching the signal on my TV goes out) I would like to see the reaction of the same people who fly these low flying aircraft's and have their signal knocked out at their precious "Super Bowl Game" Nuff said. I am trying to find some legal action against this since interfering with air waves is totally illegal!!!
  72. Planes every 25 seconds now. Enough to make someone go mad. I did not move to Brooklyn to live on an airplane runway... This is seriously unbearable. Am ready to go protest at LaGuardia.
  73. Jeffrey has been tireless in pursuit of justice for the masses of people under assault by aircraft noise. The emphasis on pressuring elected officials to do all that is possible to protect community health and quality of life is appropriate. It's clear that the NYC Council remains timid when it comes to facing up to the Goliaths. As a representative of the 140 Cadman Plaza West Peace & Quiet Committee, we have been pushing the NYC DOT and NYC DEP, along withy our elected reps to stop the destructive, nightly work schedule on the Brooklyn Bridge. Thousands of people on both ends of the Bridge have not slept since the summer of 2010 because the work shifts go all through the night. Our civil rights under the NYC Noise Code have been waived. Yes, the Bridge has to be repaired, but the human cost is huge and the work will continue through at least March 2016. Oceans of journalistic ink have described our situation, but the response of NYC government is the same: Deal with it! We need an alliance to defend our human rights for freedom from such environmental assaults of noise, traffic congestion (on earth and in the air) and air pollution.
  74. I think at this point, a class action lawsuit is well justified, after repeated complaints for years and FAA and NYC officials still not willing to fix this mess. Not a legal type of person at all, but if someone got this figured out please count me in. We need lots of people to get on board with this.
  75. We had about half a day heavenly break from the noise and now it's back to non-stop noise. Will there be a class action lawsuit? Has anyone on this forum looked into this? It is pretty insane to have to spend the money we do renting or even purchasing housing in these neighborhoods when the noise from the planes are making our homes unlivable. Aren't people concerned about this? About children having to hear these constant sounds? I am sure this is not a healthy environment for anyone to live in. Something needs to be done about this immediately.
  76. Not a days break from incessant noise coming from low-flying planes. Several planes a minute. Situation is unlivable.
  77. Bedstuy/Clinton hill here. The same planes fly over Winsor Terrace also fly over us here, extremely low, 2-3 planes a minute. FAA has been adamant on not making any changes. And Gilabrand and Schumer not doing anything. sadly, class action may be what could bring changes. It's also really important that everyone ask City Council member and State Assembly member to push through legislation to have public hearings on this excessive air craft noise
  78. Planes flying directly overhead every 30 seconds - they are low flying and cause relentless noise. Windsor Terrace neighborhood and South Slope - seriously unbearable.
  79. Non-stop planes flying above Windsor Terrace and Park Slope. Extremely low-flying planes every minute.
  80. I was mistaken - a planes roars overhead every 45 SECONDS, not 90. As soon as the noisy jets of the last plane fade away, not one minute later new ones roar in. We literally don't get a break from the noise. Something has to be done about this. I live in Windsor Terrace, right next to Prospect Park.
  81. Every 30 seconds loud planes fly over our block for days on end. It is relentless. We live on montgomery place.
  82. I don't know where the low flying aircraft are coming from in my neighborhood. I live on Upper East in the 70's near the river and it is unbearable. Almost every few minutes one is flying over my building and yes my windows shake cause they are that low! They also disrupt my television causing the signal to go out until they pass over. That is very annoying. I will do more research on this issue since interfering with airwaves is illegal and then I will bring a class action lawsuit against persons responsible!
  83. We have lived in this part of Boerum Hill since 1984 and never has the helicopter noise been as bad as in the past year or two. Between traffic events, crime events, the Barclay Center events, famous visitors, and who knows what else, we always seem to have what I guess must either be police or news choppers hovering above and to the east of us. Efforts should be made to obtain only necessary information by air that cannot be ascertained on land, and then to move away.
  84. The noise above Windsor Terrace from planes overhead is unbearable. It's every 90 seconds. It wasn't anything like this when I first moved here 3 years ago- something has changed and it has gotten a lot worse.
  85. I live in Manhattan but cannot find a petition like this for my borough. I am signing the petition though because I want this study to be carried out. Nearly every night one or more helicopters hover/circle low over my neighborhood, causing the floors and windows to shake, and causing such incredible noise that nothing can drown it out. But more upsetting, it causes incredible anxiety and distress for me, it sounds like machine guns, it evokes the days surrounding 9/11, it causes headaches and inability to sleep. It goes on sometimes for hours and hours and hours and I cannot think of a single reason this should be necessary, whether it is a tourist, police, news, or other type of helicopter, affects are AWFUL.
  86. The noise is deafening again tonight. It's like living in a war zone. The sky over downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, etc. seems to be filled with helicopters. All my windows are closed and the roaring sound is just horrible. What's going on? This is literally sickening! Who is allowing this? Who is requesting this? Why isn't someone doing something to protect us?
  87. Please put a law in place that limits hovering.
  88. It is defining when the helicopters hover over our heads. Between the Police copters and the media copters it is unabearble. We would appreciate that some laws are put in place.
  89. PLease help us to stop waking up at 6am to helicopters puttering about
  90. It's not just in Park Slope. We're in Boerum Hill (downtown Brooklyn) and the helicopters are absolutely deafening. It's 11 pm and they've been circling overhead for hours. The noise is unbearable. Nobody can sleep.
  91. The helicopter noise in our neighborhood (north Park Slope) has been an unending nuisance, waking our small child regularly. Tonight, the noise was a constant between 8pm till now (10pm), with no end in sight. I'm not sure why the FAA felt it appropriate to allow such obtrusive noise that is a major quality of life issue. Please let us know how we can get involved to have our voices heard and our representatives held accountable.
  92. Air traffic over Dyker Heights is loud and constant. It is so low that it interferes with Internet, phone service, television and sleep! Please stop this. New York is an expensive place to live, and we've stayed and supported this town loyally! Bring back our peace, quiet, and electronic stability!
  93. Today I started hearing LOUD and LOW FLYING planes at 5am! They are still non-stop. This is seriously impacting my sleep. 5am is out of control!
  94. I live in Galloway, New Jersey. F-16's and other airplanes are constantly flying over my home. Day and night as late as 1 am to 5 am over and over again. They are very loud. I have a son who is autistic and he gets severe migraines and ear pain and anxiety from the noise. I contacted Congressman LoBiondo and he claims after he investigated the matter he is not able to do anything about it. I filed numerous complaints with the airport and I have been told that they are not suppose to fly beyond 11 PM but that is obviously a lie. My son is a young disabled man who can not go out of his house because of the noise it affects him on many levels. Please help him.
  95. So, now by 2017 we will have the option of having our homes sound proofed! Will we also be given free gas masks? Or are these idiots hoping we will all be dead from the disgusting jet fuel constantly being dumped on us every day? I was told by the Port Authority and the FAA, back in the 1980s, during a meeting at St. Sebastian School that both St. Sebastian and Public School 11Q would be "soundproofed" I am still waiting!!!
  96. What's even worse than the noise, long term, are the jet fumes cropdusted continuously and seeping into our lungs. On most days I can smell the exhaust even with just one window open. We need to organize and fund serious legal action. Anyone have connections to an experienced environmental lawyer?
  97. Are we at war? It sounds like world war out there. All night long in Brooklyn Heights- planes flying low and so loudly I cannot sleep. How could anyone sleep? What in heaven's name is going on? Is there some sort of political emergency occurring that the public is not being made aware of? And if not, then how on any level is this sort of repetitive noise pollution okay? Millions of people live here. Keep the nights quiet please or if the noise is necessary due to some safety concern, inform the citizens about what is happening. Thank you.
  98. I have lived in Prospect Heights for 10 years and the airplane noise is getting worse and in addition to the noise, it is the air pollution from the low flying plans that is making it even worse. I support the need for an independent noise study and add that an air quality test be done for the low flying planes.
  99. In terms of filing a complaint, I do so on a regular basis and find the text form much easier to use. After you fill in your location, It shows a log of every single plane that has flown over you, the exact time it passed over, it's altitude etc. You can flag and report any flight, along with adding additional comments. It is actually depressing to see the hour by hour list, because they show every flight and of course as we know, often there are one or two planes per minute, hour after hour on some days and nights. But please continue to file reports and urge anyone who lives with you and friends and neighbors around you to do the same. This is what I use instead of the map:
  101. The low flying planes have been non stopped today over my house in Western Bed Stuy, and it's midnight and is not stopping. I doubt senator Schumer really wants to address this issue, since he's the one who facilitate legal loopholes for FAA to do criminal acts like this without proper environmental studies. There's obviously personal/political agenda for him to do so, and therefore has ignoring us for so long. People who have been affected should wake up and take more drastic measures. We should visit Schumer in person to hold him accountable, and prepare for legal actions against the State and FAA
  102. make it a habit - fill out the Port Authority noise complaint form whenever noise occurs. It probably won´t solve the problem but I do it anyway.
  103. I have lived in Park Slope for 25 years and in the last few years our quality of life has been destroyed but the increasing airplane noise, thanks to new technology that allows the FAA to land even more planes at a lower altitude than ever before. Many days there is no escape from the noise, a constant drone of planes arriving every 60-90 seconds that builds to deafening roar as they pass over my house, and the formerly peaceful Prospect Park and Botanic Gardens. Sure, it's great for the airlines, business travelers, and the "economy," that wholesale justification for destroying just about anything for a buck, but it's terrible for us, the Brooklynites who have built lives here with our children, children who can't even play in the local sandbox without being subjected to the incessant roar of the aviation industry increasing its profits (to say nothing of the jet fuel pollution). These rules were changed without consulting the people they would impact. Would ConEd be allowed to build a power plant in Prospect Park? No. Yet the FAA can unilaterally declare the entire airspace over our homes their sonic dumping ground, in perpetuity, with no chance of redress? We are asking for the government to push back on behalf of us, the citizens, against the needs of business. Use this new technology to land fewer planes per hour, and have them come in at higher altitudes and different routes. Regulate and restrict the industry for the sanity and safety of the we, the people.
  104. Having lived in Prospect Heights Brooklyn the past 14 years, I never thought that I'd have to worry about the CONSTANT barrage of airplane noise coming from planes flying seemingly lower and lower each day. I work from home, so I'm forced to deal with this ongoing nuisance every day, all day. It has become a quality of life issue. This is completely unacceptable! I understand air traffic has increased, but there has to be a way to redirect planes at a higher elevation to decrease the noise levels. I'm urging Senator Schumer and Senator Gillibrand to take a stand on our behalf.
  105. FAA is bombarding us with incessant low flying planes again today, and the noise meter happens to be offline. Is that intentional?
  106. I've previously reported the BedStuy noise meter and the Web Track software not showing planes that actually fly over your area. This could be due to the faulty meter but also faulty software as well. The state needs to fix this ASAP. But in the mean time I have found that reloading the webpage and zooming in and out sometimes helps, once you see a plane showing up, click on the moving plane to open the information box, and click on the "airplane icon" to show the entire flight path, and always keep at least one info box open, this helps to make all the planes to show up in the map. It's lame but we need to keep reporting low flying, noisy air planes. I've filed over 60 complaints today using the Web Track, with flight No..ect. The Noise meter spiked to 73 dBa again today, not acceptable!!!
  107. The air planes are flying non stopped and really low again over Clinton Hill / Bed Stuy area. The government officials are still ignoring our complaints. And the noise meter is not fully functioning, planes disappear on the map and there seems to be a much longer delay in time, it used to be close to real time. What does it take to get senator Schumer and Gillibrand to do their job and FAA to stop this illegal operation?
  108. The planes are flying low and really frequent over my house in Bed Stuy again today. It's really loud. But the noise meter is showing no sign s of any planes and the meter is not showing readings of high dBA as it should. I wonder what's happening? We need to get the meter back to its function again!!
  109. I live along the Hudson River in New Jersey. The FAA has made like a living hell for us. Helicopters every minute of the day, planes arriving at LGA 24 hours a day many days. The FAA truly sucks.
  110. Our voices demand to be heard! All-day, low-flying airplanes over our neighborhoods is completely UNACCEPTABLE! I live in Massapequa, over 20 miles from the airport. It sounds like I live on the runway. It is RIDICULOUS and should not be going on!
  111. Planes are flying super low at 1,400 ft altitude and noise up to 75 dB, based on Bed Stuy Noise Meter, and non stopped. Schumer and GILLEBRAND, why are you not doing any to stop this and why are you turning deaf ears to your constituents pleads to abate this issues? Are you representing the airline industry and FAA or are you representing us? Schumer, by signing legal loophole to allow FAA to illegally ruin our living environment, you share most liabilities to this. Stop this now!!!!
  112. This past weekend, the planes were flying higher, at around 4000 feet, the noise was relatively more tolerable, but the flights are still too frequent. Starting last night, the planes were flying much lower again, at 2400 feet. What are you government officials are doing? or should I say, Not Doing anything at all? Please get the planes fly a minimum of 4,500 feet high and spread out the flight paths, so our area doesn't get bombarded by non stop planes every minute!! Do so soon, or our frustration and protest will escalate, and will be reflected in the next election. Your political careers will be seriously over!!!
  113. I live in Park Slope and once again it is another day with non-stop jet planes flying low and loud overhead. It is 4:30 PM and this has been going on since 7 AM this morning. In the last hour there has been approximately one jet plane overhead per minute. This is so objectionable and so unfair to the residents in the neighborhoods of Brooklyn. As our representatives you must act on this. It is cowardly not to do so: you are ignoring the many voices of protest over this matter. As I write this thAere has been PLANE AFTER PLANE AFTER PLANE AFTER PLANE DIRECTLY OVER MY BROWNSTONE ON EIGHTH AVENUE IN PARK SLOPE.
  114. Once again, I am echoing the comments expressed by so many residents, and tax-paying citizens of so many Brooklyn neighborhoods: SCHUMER AND GILLEBRAND - DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!! STOP IGNORING YOUR CONSTITUENTS! THIS ILLEGAL BARRAGE OF LOW-FLYING LOUD PLANES OVER BROOKLYN IS CONSTANT--many times multiple planes in a minute. SPEAK TO AND ACT ON THIS--do something for the people YOU represent!
  115. You are very welcome. We need to get our voice heard, and will not stop until FAA stop this unlawful way of flying the planes. I'm sure they what tens of thousands of people are suffering from non-stopped low flying planes, but are not speaking up or are unaware of the proper channels. We are only powerful if we take actions, and united by tens of thousands. It's a joke that Schumer's staffer asked us not to call or email her. Well, the only way to stop us to protesting is by stopping frequent low flying planes noise!!
  116. Stop the madness of these planes flying over my apartment in Bay Ridge over 9201 Shore Road, Brooklyn, NY 11209 Stop this craziness now!!!
  117. Thank you so much Jimmy for the useful information about how to file a detailed plane noise complaint...the real-time map is amazing to actually see flight after flight going over our neighborhoods. I too am filing frequent complaints and everyone affected by this horrible noise and air pollution should do the same. SPREAD THE WORD. PROTEST!
  118. I fill out the Port Authority Complaint form whenever the low flying planes are at it, and non stopped, all day here in Bed stuy, I'd fill out 30+ complaints a day as long as I'm home. Once you get a hang of it, you can do that real fast, as fast as another plane flies over your house, which is less than a minute. I've found the best way to do so is to click on the plane icon on the noise meter map: When clicking on a moving plane, a box would open, then click on the pen/paper icon, click "Yes", than the same complaint form would open, except with exact information on the flight Number ID, time, Altitude.....ect. I feel in this way, specific flight / airline is held accountable for producing noise shown on the Bed Stuy meter, which often exceeds 74 dB, a level that's dangerous for human, keep in mind that normal street noise (also shown on the meter), is around 45 dB. In other words, we have been forced to endure double amount of normal noise level, non-stopped, by FAA, via legal loophole courtesy of senator Schumer. The harmful effects on humans increase exponentially with increase noise dBa, so double the dBa could means at least quadruple or more health/mental hazard to use Brooklyn residents!!! No one, not even FAA has the right to sabotage our lives like this!!!
  119. PLEASE, EVERYONE; Fill out the complaint form to the Port Authority!! Do it often, because this CONSTANT noise above heavy populated areas must change. As others have noted, tell everyone you know to do the same.There is also a compliant line: The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey Airport Noise Complaint Line: 1-800-225-1071
  120. I am in despair about the plane noise. It now starts around 7 or even before, and doesn't stop until 11pm! This is enough to drive someone mad. It reliably continues with a new plane every minute or so. (I have clocked them). Ironically I moved to Brooklyn for a quieter environment. I have lived here for 20 years but this fall there is apparently a dramatic increase in noise and frequency. There are now planes flying much lower over my house in Prospect Heights. At the very least a plan should be negotiated between communities and the FAA or whomever has authority, to rotate the flight paths. I wonder if they fly over our elected officials homes also?
  121. I just moved to Park Slope from Brooklyn Heights for what I thought would be a quieter spot and am surprised by the noticeable increase in air traffic that I hear from my apt. The planes seem to be very low flying and frequent -- almost every 30 seconds. They woke me up this morning. I do hope our lawmakers take notice and do something to divert and disperse some of this air traffic.
  122. What is happening on Prospect Heights? This is making our quality of life plummet. PLEASE DO SOMETHING. It wasn't like this before.
  123. The noise from the jets has suddenly and dramatically worsened over the last couple of months. It has now become a regular occurrence for planes to fly right over the top of my building every 3 to 4 minutes for hours on end, several times a day. The noise is deafening inside my apartment and on the street. You can't even go to Prospect Park or the Botanic Gardens to escape the noise because the planes are flying right over those former oases of urban tranquility. This is ridiculous and has to stop now.
  124. The airplane noise over my house in Bed-Stuy is so maddening I'm considering moving. I can't take it any more. It sounds and feels like my house is under attack every 30 seconds. It's making normal life and thought impossible. I can't concentrate even when I'm inside with the windows shut, and I certainly can't use my yard. And when I retreat to Prospect Park, which was meant to be a refuge from urban chaos, the planes are there too. Please please help us shift the flightpath to the water. Too many people are being driven mad by the low-flying planes--my neighbors all complain bitterly, even though they're not posting here.
  125. Peter and Doris below... As in my earlier post I am having the same experience, here last few days; the planes, low and loud are constantly flying directly over Park from it is 10 AM and it hasn't stopped for a minute. I was hoping yesterday that it was because of the cloudy weather, but today is as clear as a bell and they are they are flying low and loudly again...I'm sure it will go on like yesterday until 11:30 PM. OUTRAGEOUS! I filled out the complaint form to the Port Authority and will do so every day and every night. Please do the same and encourage all of your friends and neighbors that are affected to do the same. It is the only way that we can make our voices heard.
  126. There is a constant stream of airplane noise directly above us, and this seems to be a fairly recent development, and it's impacting our quality of life. Yesterday, I was exhausted from early work obligations, and tried to nap before dinner. Impossible! This despite having extra thick glass in my street facing windows and wearing earplugs. At 10:30 when I tried to go to sleep, there was a relentless stream of jets flying above, less than a minute apart. Finally after taking some Nyquil I slept and was awakened well before 7 am by planes. I'm not feeling very well today at all, and wonder about the effect it has on my health, as well as that of my family and our neighbors and community. This condition does not permit me to enjoy the space inside my home.
  127. What the hell is going on here? I've lived in this neighborhood for years and suddenly the plane traffic is constant. Something has changed and it's dramatically effecting our quality of life. It's 11:15 pm and 6 (wait make that 7 and counting) low flying planes have passed in the last 5 minutes. A similar cluster came through at 7:30 am. Who is accountable for this?
  128. I am going BESERK. I live in Park Slope, I have the door open to my deck. Since being awoken this morning at 7am to the sound of low-lying planes there has not been ONE minute that there has not been a plane flying overhead. I have never noticed this so bad. PLANE AFTER PLANE AFTER PLANE...what is going on???
  129. Please add my name to the list. Just moved back to this neighborhood and the noise from the planes is absolutely insane!
  130. Runway 4 has now been being used for the last week, maybe longer We have no relief. I am watching the "webtrak", and clear as day I see planes one after the other en route to land at LGA. Sometimes I sit out at 1st ave and 56th street in Sunset Park at lunchtime, clear as day, up in the sky, one after the other, planes fly by, to me looks like about over 5th / 6th Avenues. I count to 30, there goes another one. I see one in the distance, and I can actually see the next one behind it. maddening, simply maddening, to know these planes are flying over densely populated land, when we have nothing but water surrounding us. What the FAA & PA & our elected officials have let happen to our borough, and the borough of Queens, and parts of Long island as well, (we can't forget about those residents either), is simply criminal. Someone should be held accountable for this. No, we don't need an "independent noise" study, just what the hell is that anyway? We already have hundreds of thousands of residents complaining about the constant roar of airplanes flying less than 3000 feet over our homes. This is not acceptable, this needs to be rectified now, not 3 years from now, but now. We need to get Schummer out, or maybe we should have a rally in front of his home, and every 30 seconds we can all scream together, maybe this moron will get the message, which he has been ignoring for the last 3 years. Schummer has done nothing for us. We need to vote him out once and for all. So lets see how much longer runway 4 will be used before they rotate it for a day or so. I can't understand for the life of me how anyone in their right mind thought this would be no big deal, or that any one of us taxpayers wouldn't mind to have airplane fly over our home every 30 seconds all day every day for the rest of our lives? because it isn't alright. The PA complaint board is of no use, I too make complaints every single day. I look at the decibal meter thing, lets see if this helps us. So far nothing has. After 911, Manhattan was a no fly zone, yet watching "webtrak" I actually see planes fly directly down the center of Manhattan, (not often, but I do), then to make a turn to head to LGA, have we not learned anything? Why would the FAA allow something like that? We need to do something, this is just terrible.
  131. We have a government that is BY the people and FOR the people. SCHUMER AND GILLEBRAND - DO SOMETHING! STOP THIS ILLEGAL ONSLAUGHT OF PLANES OVER BROOKLYN! Nonstop low-flying planes every 45 seconds blasting over Brooklyn from 7am to 11pm. DO SOMETHING FOR THE PEOPLE YOU SUPPOSEDLY REPRESENT!
  132. There is incessant plane traffic over our neighborhood. I live in Prospect Heights. Every evening I watch as one plane after another flies directly over the Brooklyn Museum and over my apartment building. They seem to come every 2 minutes or so, flashing their lights, making noise and emitting fumes. This problem has intensified in recent months and others in my neighborhood have noticed it as well. We know that you and other elected officials can speak to the right people to take action on this.
  133. Dear Senator Schumer. The FAA low flying planes have been at it again, all day non stopped. How much political contribution have you accepted from the airline industry to allow your constituents to be subjected to such brutal, incessant assault of noise and air pollution? You betrayed us all by signing off the law giving FAA legal loophole to fly the planes so low and frequent over our otherwise quiet neighborhood. You made a huge mistake and must fix this now, or face severe political consequences!!!!
  134. Why is it that after so many years of residents complaints, the FAA and the City is still ignoring this environmental hazard? An independent noise study needs to be conducted ASAP, the non stop air plane noise is way beyond what we can tolerate. The law states plane noise over 65 DBA is "Unlawful taking of properties" but the Brooklyn noise meter has been showing consistently over 75 DB, this is more than criminal. When FAA and other government officials are committing crimes again its own people like this, what are we people to do? Keep staying quiet people?
  135. Again the constant noise from very low flying planes over our Prospect Heights home on route to LaGuardia is completely unacceptable. Please do something to end this.
  136. The planes are flying low and non stop again. Dear FAA officials, please stop allowing planes to fly so low and ruin our life, or risk getting voted out of your office and legal action!!!! Enough is enough!!!!
  137. The planes are flying low and non stop again. Dear FAA officials, please stop allowing planes to fly so low and ruin our life, or risk getting voted out of your office and legal action!!!! Enough is enough!!!!
  138. I have filed about 140 complaints online at the Port Authority of NY and NJ website in the past week. Everyone should do the same, and call / fax officials listed on this website, this nonsense has to stop!!! I'm also wondering if the Brooklyn noise meter of offline, I log on to the Web TRak: And see nothing, no readings or flight paths. And the planes keep flying over my head since the whole day (Saturday.)
  139. Senator Schumer is definitely making a lot of money by selling out Brooklyn, and it could be in the form political contribution. Shame on him, and this needs to stop!!! Our concerns and complaints are completely being ignore!!!! Obama, why are you allowing FAA to ruin our living environment in such criminal and sneaky way? We'd appreciate it if you could talk less and actually do something to restore our peaceful environment which we had not too long ago. Mr. Eric Adam, don't you want Brooklyn to grow? Excessive plane noise like this is destroy economic growth Brooklyn can potentially have. The harsh environment caused by the noise will make people leave, and City, Sate's tax income will diminish!!!
  140. After filing so many complaints, the non stopped, deafening low flying jets have not budged. It is unfortunate,but we might need to consider class action lawsuit. What FAA is doing is a criminal act (for the taking of our properties and creating severe hazards to our health through legal loophole), and government officials and FAA are ignoring our pleads and turning a blind eye on this issues in favor of corporate profits. Looks like they'd only take real action when their political career is at risk and are ruled in the court to pay out large sum of compensation. I'm really hoping FAA and NYC fix this ASAP, so it doesn't come to that.
  141. We recently moved to Clinton Hill and the noise from the low flying airplanes is constant and deafening! We were excited to have a quiet, backyard facing balcony, but it's not exactly quiet when 5 low flying planes go by within 5 minutes! There is never quiet inside our apartment--we wake up and go to sleep to jet engines. This is a major quality of life issue that both the local and federal officials need to address together in order to avoid a class action suit.
  142. I have contacted the Office of Council Member Stephen Levin, and got a reply from his Deputy Chief of Staff Casey Adams. And you guess it, he said FAA is under the jurisdiction of Federal government. FAA, on the other hand claimed local government has responsibility in this matter. What kind of political BS is that? I replied to Mr. Adam, saying that the City is making money as the landlord of La Guardia at the expense of our quality of life, home value and health. They need to stop this, what about refuse to allow low flying planes to land on Laguardia, which is the property of NYC? Let's have a rally at Schumer's house to hold him accountable!!! Simply sit and complain would do nothing in solving this serious issue.
  143. The noise from low flying planes over our home in prospect heights brooklyn is oppressive. It has become significantly worse over the last months and it must be addressed. Please support an independent noise study. Something must be done to bring us back to a more tolerable noise level. This is just not possible to live with.
  144. This has been going on over Valley Stream for at least 5 years now. What used to be the actually pleasant sound of high-flying planes every now and then has turned into a nightmare of screaming, low-flying jets taking off from JFK day and night in the identical flight path at the rate of two a minute. It's criminal that the FAA is allowed to get away with this NextGen garbage. If I had a gun, I'd blow my brains out.
  145. Are politicians really doing anything to correct this problem? It's not getting any better, getting wore and worse. PLanes flying by non stop at 1,700 feet high and 75 dBs creates a harsh environment not suitable for human dwelling. Seriously, we should consider a collective class action lawsuit against FAA dn NYC, they are ignoring us and don't care our life and property value are being ruined by incessant aircraft noise!!! I live in Western Bedstuy.
  146. Please address plane noise issue in Bed Stuy area. Noise levels constantly reach over 65 decibels and the planes fly over the area for hours on end every 45 seconds. It makes it impossible to talk or to have any sense of peace especially in the evenings from 7-11pm. It's unbearable. Sincerely, Dinah Rodriguez, 84 Lexington Avenue
  147. I used to love living in Brooklyn. Living in a city is a choice I am glad I made. However, the planes above are not part of typical city life. At this point I feel it is probably quieter in Manhattan on a Saturday night. I feel sad for my daughter and her friends who will grow up believing deafening noise from planes is normal. I could leave the city but the FAA could ruin my "new" home. We need to show the higher powers (big business, government etc) that we matter too.
  148. That's amazing Jefferey, thank you for he new MTA Brooklyn air noise meter link!! Now at least we have some hard number to work with. I was stunned to see the decibel jumped from normal 45 to a whopping 75 when the plane fly by. Those idiots on Gotham dismissing the severity of this noise issue should look at this hard numbers and shut up!!! Thanks again, Chimin
  149. Everyone please take action and call, fax these politicians at this link: I called Schumer's office a few times, and his assistant actually told me the more people call the more likely something would be done to correct the situation. Please stop putting up with this BS, and take control of our own lives and the environment, stop these politician from sacrificing our quality of life and health in favor of corporate profit!!! Act now based on this link:
  150. I used to really like the planes flying overhead. Recently, the planes are much lower and more frequent, loud enough to prevent conversation, which is a drastic change. The ambient sound level in our neighborhood near prospect park is very low, so the contrast is incredibly disruptive. It is also nearly 100% residential. The approach should be over 4th Avenue, where there is much higher ambient sound levels and the contrast is not as disruptive.
  151. I have called Senator Charles Schumer's office, and the person whom I spoke to sounds like this issue had nothing to do with Schumer and advised me to contact the FAA. What a liar and I doubt if he's really trying to address this issue as he said he would. Any political means we could really force him to fulfill his responsibility for his constituents?
  152. Been filing compaints online here several times everyday, but nothing has changed: What could we do to stop this nonsense?
  153. It's been out of control today, non stop low flying jest that's deafening since the morning. What about a class action law suit against FAA and the State? Since nothing else seems to have worked? Effected residents and people who care about prospect Park really need to team up though
  154. Planes have been flying dangerously low since this morning, and non- stop, why does FAA has such disregard about people's lives here in Brooklyn? I'm at Clinton Hill, Bed Stuy border, and it's been really noisy!! I heard Schumer has been"discussing this issue with FAA, but it looks like either he's not really trying or he's totally useless. Nothing has changed!!!!
  155. I am sitting in Prospect Park and there has been a plane overhead about every minute since we arrived. Something must be done to change this.
  156. Any way we can force Mr Huerta out of his office? He obviously has a complete disregard to people's quality of life. What about mr. Obama, besides all that big talks, could he at least alleviate people's suffering by simply not allowing FAA to continue such abuse of the citizens of this country? These people don't deserve to stay in office, how can we hold them accountable for their gross negligence in your administration?
  157. I've lived in Park Slope for many years now. In the last couple months I've noticed a major and steady increase of the low flying aircraft overhead. It is 9:15pm and I've been sitting here in my living room for the past couple of hours trying to watch a movie and using headphones. Even with headphones, I've been having to pause the movie almost every minute or two because the noise is so great that I can't hear the movie...with headphones. As soon as there is a momentary break in the airplane traffic, we get a a helicopter hovering low over the park. The air traffic has always been there but recently it has gotten lower, louder, and a lot more frequent. It seems that every single plane coming into LGA is now using the exact same corridor and coming in lower. I've been writing down each plane that goes over head for the last hour...there have been 47 in the last hour! Enough already, something must be done. This level of constant noise can cause mental and physical health problems. Something must be done. Senator Schumer, I'm looking at you. You know about this, take care of it. Your constituents need you!
  158. I live around the Franklin C train stop. Current frequency is 45-60 seconds as it was yesterday all day. The other day I went on the roof to do some plane watching. They make a turn over Park slope and then go straight over North BK into La Guardia. There is no variation, they all come in on the same line. Non stop.
  159. The US had a golden age of environmental protection safeguards under the Nixon administration. The federal office charged with noise abatement has not been funded or staffed for decades. The NYC Noise Code has been stripped of its original intent. Citizens in NYC, for example, are tagged as being residents of a city "that never sleeps" and are forced to endure health damage 24/7 from a construction and development surge that has removed basic protections. After-hours variances to do construction activity are rife. Little meaningful action has been taken in the environmental protection area since the American Lung Association gave NYC an "F" grade for air quality in 2014. Instead of providing compensation for citizens who suffer from sleep disruptions and exposure to toxic air pollution, city dwellers in NYC are told to "deal with it."
  160. I have planes coming over my home in Woodside right now! Yesterday I came back to Woodside from out of state just to show how I feel about these disgusting planes are ruining my life! Queens Quiet Skies did a fantastic job! There were people from Long Island there. Maybe people from Brooklyn can join with us in this fight. We are video taping the planes right now. Video will be forwarded to the newspapers represented at the rally yesterday. After I finish this, I am going to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and filing a complaint! They are being counted! This is an election year!
  161. This is my second posting on this site. The first was over a year ago and still nothing has changed. The airplane noise over my South Slope neighborhood is deafening. We cannot carry on a conversation outdoors. And just this morning my 4 year old came into my room at 6 AM upset because a plane woke him up!!!! If you have kids you know this is the last straw. I invite any senator or congressperson to come spend 5 minutes in my home and I promise you, you will want to run and hide somewhere quiet.
  162. the FAA has made a unilateral decision (no environmental impact study, no community outreach) to lower the flight paths of approaching jets into laguardia while decreasing their altitude. severe noise pollution to say nothing of dumped jet fuel has made a normal and expected living experience intolerable. please help.
  163. Please study the increased airline noise. The low flying planes in bed stuy over the last few years is out of control.
  164. I moved to Windsor Terrace two years ago after twenty five years in Park Slope. I did not realize I was moving onto an adjunct runway for LaGuardia airport. When I look out of my living room window I could be an air traffic controller - a line of jets soaring overheard every 30 to 45 seconds. I am not even going to mention the local NYPD helicopters who are obviously trying to catch their kids at a little league game, as they circle 200 feet over the ball fields. Everyone knows how busy the NY airports are: we are just asking to have a little relief - can't the flight patterns change so that one neighborhood (or collection of neighborhoods) is not slammed day in and day out? I'm not pleading NIMBY. Just a bit of sharing. It is 9:25pm and I can count FIVE airplanes making a beeline for my apartment. Just like
  165. The noise from airplanes has suddenly and dramatically increased over my home across from the Brooklyn Museum in the last few weeks. It goes late into the night and is intolerable. Stop the noise.
  166. This seems to have happened in the Bed-Stuy/Clinton Hill area about two months ago, the planes being so low you can wave to them. And my experience is also of deafening noise from 6am to midnight every 30 seconds. It's like a war zone; as though missiles might drop--that is the sound. It's so unpleasant (and hazardous) to sit in the backyard. I wear earplugs but to no avail. As I write, they've destroyed my Sunday, and will continue until I try to sleep... if I can through the noise. We need to keep calling 311 to make a complaint everyday--when you make a noise complaint with 311, choose airplane noise. The planes are flying east I think. A few minutes ago, a plane was flying above in the opposite direction of the low-flying LGA plane, and it was barely visible and audible-- in other words, that is evidence that they do not need to be this low. This is not just a "not in my backyard" criticism. They shouldn't be allowed to be this low. Anyway, you're not alone! I guess I will move if this persists, but where? What's the guarantee it won't happen there? Thanks to this site, which gives info for contacting senators too. We have to act.
  167. Our quality of life is compromised by loud noises. Do your job and help your constituents.
  168. The noise level in Park Slope from low flying planes every 60 seconds for entire days is horrendous. I can't be on conference call when I work from home. The roaring airplane noise is equivalent to sitting in the upper deck at Citi Field. At Citi, near an airport, you have to stop your conversation and wait for the plane to pass then continue your conversation. In addition, many of us will have to deal with the noise and air quality issues from the enormous Methodist Hospital expansion. Is this the price hard working people have to pay for living in this desirable area?
  169. Years ago, it seemed that the flight patterns were staggered, so planes weren't flying over, in my case, Prospect Heights, every day, all day long, at the same time. It was disconcerting, but since it abated for a time, it was tolerable. Not so now. What happened? It has only tripled in how awful it is, and it is definitely a quality of life issue, as well as a public health concern. Mayor BdB, where are your? Or Eric Adams? Or the CC people? It seemed at a time it the airports would stagger the flight paths, but not so now. Why? What changed?
  170. Where is this going? I ve lived here for about 15 years, and that non-stop plane noise is definitely louder that it s ever been. I m on Franklin and Quincy - the area is litterally being destroyed for the "development" for the sake of easy cash. Every day, tenants are being kicked out (priced out), every single century-old cute houses on my block are being bought "all cash" one by one, teared down and replaced by cheap & ugly square dark buildings conceived to last for about 20 to 30 years - precisely the length of a mortgage, how convenient! We know who you are, real estate "developer", i see you every day, yet you do NOT live the neighborhood. Beware Karma, this is no good. Can petition/politic/group action do anything about this massacre (yes it is one)?
  171. Stop the planes flying over our neighborhood!
  172. Please do something to decrease the constant drone of low flying airplanes. Prove that local politicians can actually affect change for their constituents, not just be pandered to by lobbyists and government agencies.
  173. I live in Bed-Stuy, Clinton Hill border. Near Fulton Street and Classon Ave. I feel the city really neglect this area but not improving the subway, and now, allows the planes to fly so low and frequently overhead. Our representatives need to act soon to change this, otherwise we need to vote them out of their offices!!
  174. The planes are flying way too low and way too frequent. over head. I'm near Jefferson Ave and Franklin Ave. how could Port Authority allow this to happen and ruin people's quality of life? Need to stop ASAP!!!
  175. I thought the air traffic would subside after LAG finished repairs on their runways. Alas, I was wrong. The flights coming in one after the other all day long is torture. What is going to become of our neighborhood once Methodist starts their destruction of the neighborhood?
  177. Airplane noise every 4-5 minutes all day today! Unbearable and bad for mental and physical health. Our elected official must use the power of their offices (which WE have bestowed upon them with our votes) to communicate effectively with the FAA to have this stop!
  178. I live in Prospect Heights on Butler Pl. The planes go over my apt every 3 minutes. The noise is deafening, I am unable to hold a conversation with people next to me. It is unbearable and am thinking of selling. I cannot live like this.
  179. I hope you will all attend the rally against airplane noise this Sunday, Sept 14th at 1 PM in Cunningham Park in Queens. This is not just a Queens issue; it is (outer) borough wide, & greatly impacts Nassau County as well. We all need to be unified! Our health, well-being, & property values are at stake and our elected officials must be made aware of the huge numbers of people affected, near and far from the NYC airports. It is the only way we will gain any serious traction.
  180. The plane traffic over our apt in Park Slope is relentless and very loud. Please reroute some of these planes or do something to lessen this incessant noise.
  181. I live in the south slope. Lately, the planes are worse. Every 30 seconds, constantly, for hours and hours on end. It's driving me insane. We are nowhere near LGA, why the hell are the planes flying over Park Slope like this? They are very low and very loud. Maybe that's why DiBlasio ditched the Slope for city life while he could. I've lived in the area a long time, it's never been this bad. We seem to be on a direct flight path, and the planes are relentless. 4 of them in the minute or so it took me to write this. Can anyone actually do anything or do we have to move? This is so awful.
  182. These low flying airplanes are unbearable. I bought a place in Bedstuy, on the Clinton Hill border, 6 years ago and the noise never used to be like this. I woke up yesterday morning at 7am to loud, low flying planes coming in 1 every 40 seconds. I left for work at 9am and came home at 8pm and the planes were still coming in, loud and low, and at the same interval. I went to the gym, ate dinner and watched tv, and the planes continued to scream over my apartment until I went to bed. It is now 7.30am the next morning and they are still coming. It's like I live next to an airport, all day every day, with no respite. This has been a typical experience for the past couple years. Something needs to be done to eliminate these nightmarish conditions. We need to demand that our senator make things right.
  183. Here in Dyker heights Brooklyn life has become hellish because of the terrible constant insane noise of the airplanes. Its all the time. We cant do anything cant go outside cant sleep (i have two small kids). We spend a great deal of money putting a new patio but its impossible to enjoy it. Words cant describe how frustrated and angry we are. We are paying very high property taxes only to be "rewarded" with this nightmare. Please stop it before we go crazy. There must be a more humane way to deal with this issue. PLEASE TAKE ACTIONS.
  184. I am saddened and distraught by the incessant sound of planes flying (just barely) overhead. I agree with a previous comment that it is always possible to endure loud and jarring sounds if one knows that there will be an end to the torture. However, the airplane roar is a torture with no end in site. Every 40 seconds, all day long, forever. The idea is incredibly grim. You should try spending a few days in this historic neighborhood, just to see that everyone signing this petition has an extremely valid complaint. Hopefully together we can figure out a solution!
  185. I live on Park Place and Vanderbilt avenue Brooklyn. I work late at night and almost every morning I am awake by the air traffic, it is NON STOP. AT LEAST WE SHOULD GET A REAL ESTATE TAX REDUCTION.
  186. With all the efforts by the Bloomberg ( and hopefully the Deblasio) administrations to make New York a more livable city, why are our politicians turning a deaf ear to the thousands of complaints from residents of Brooklyn regarding the noise that we must endure from airplanes flying over our homes on a daily basis? What does it take to get routes changes to avoid inhabited areas?
  187. Not sure what is happening but when I first moved to Carroll Gardens in 1998 - it was quiet and peaceful. I now cannot sit out on my deck because of the constant airplane noise. Even when inside I can hear them my only relief is to have the TV on. It is impossible to just have quiet. Is that too much to ask! PLEASE DO SOMETHING THIS IS A VERY STRESSFUL LIVING CONDITION!! Thank you!
  188. I have been living in Brooklyn for over 15 years, the last couple of years are the worst in term of this constant airplane noise. We have planes fly over our neighborhood every minute from early morning to 1am at night. This is travesty and somebody should be thrown to jail.
  189. How much money do we think Senator Schumer made by selling out Brooklyn to LGA? Power corrupts everyone, even the good ones.
  190. I recently moved to Clinton Hill, which is nowhere near LaGuardia, and work from home, like an increasing number of people. I'm constantly disturbed by plane noise, one every minute or two, and can see a steady stream of planes flying alarmingly low. From what I gather, this is the result of GPS technology that allows airlines and airports to squeeze in more flights and increase revenue. Problem is, those planes are now flying over most of Brooklyn, one of the most densely populated areas in the country. Further, no environmental impact study was done, even though plenty of other studies suggest a direct link between poor health and noise pollution caused by aircraft (elevated heart rate, etc). In addition to the exhaust pollution that now showers down over most of Brooklyn. This is unfair to Brooklynites (and possibly illegal), especially as the city is trying to redevelop the borough and encourage more people to move here.
  191. Great improvement :-(. For the last couple months the planes are flying twice often and twice lower (about 1500-2000 feet above the ground). They are part of your conversations inside the house and should be included into the cast of the watching movies as a lead actor. The flying planes sound now are dominated over BedSty area and well exceed living condition levels.
  192. I attended a Celebrate Brooklyn concert last week and counted 40 planes that flew over the bandshell area during the concert. Please do something about this travesty. Why have a park that doubles as a landing route? The noise was bad enough but the likely air contamination from 40 planes flying directly overhead is very upsetting. Given all the messages I see on this site I ask: what is being done to address this?
  193. We all know that Brooklyn and prospect heights can help revitalize the overall city. But planes are flying so low every two minutes. This needs to change. It has an economic and health impact. If democrat elected officials don't care then we won't vote for them again. This noise is literally insane and can kill the entire economic growth we are seeing in Brooklyn. Plus the path is supposed to be 2 miles away or the planes are supposed to fly higher... Crazy that the officials don't seem to care
  194. The plane noise is constant and excessive and a hazard to human health. It is unfair that this noise continues to effect the same neighborhoods over and over again. The traditional flight plans should be returned. It's every 30-60 seconds. It's enough to make someone go insane.
  195. It's Saturday in Brooklyn, and I can't even read the paper! Loud, low-flying jets on their way to LGA fly every 30 seconds over our building. This is complete insanity! STOP THIS NEIGHBORHOOD RUNWAY NOW!!
  196. The constant noise is harmful to our peace, our health, the overall quality of our communities. I support an independent noise study. This can't longer be ignored.
  197. for he last year I've hearing low flying planes in rego park ny, and no one seem to care. I've written many complains and of course I feel that they don't end up anywhere...this is really sad, because I live in one of the nicest neighborhoods in queens and it was always nice and quiet, now with these plane noise I cant even get a good night sleep...really bad. I wish someone outthere would stand up for us and fight this ridiculous decision
  198. Windsor Terrace, one plane every 30-60 seconds, every hour, for the past two weeks. It's insane. Schumer and Gillibrand -- guess what? You just lost my votes.
  199. I live in a war zone, Woodside!! For the past 5 to 7 consecutive days, and of course today again, I get waken up by the frequent & loud jets noises to LGA!!! FIND A BETTER FLYING ROUTE OR SHUT LGA DOWN!!!! It flies every 30 seconds from 6am to 12midnight!!!! Lost my sanity!!!!! The disgusting fumes! GOVERNOR, You must experience this 'unforgettable' experience yourself to understand how annoying it is. I CANT EVEN ENJOY A PEACEFUL MIND AT HOME!! DO SOMETHING, DONT JUST LOG THE COMPLAINS!!!!
  200. I just moved to South Slope. On our first night, beginning at 10pm, extremely loud plane noises began. A new plane would land or depart every 30-60 seconds, and this lasted all night. It was okay the rest of the weekend, but now it's been three days in a row of nonstop plane noises -- all night, all day. And they are LOUD and extremely distracting. Even with our windows closed and a white noise machine on, we can hear them. I don't understand how this is possible? How are residents expected to live with this?
  201. Just moved to Park Slope and I'm STUNNED by the overflight of planes -- low and LOUD -- every 30-40 seconds. This is insanity. Someone needs to make Schumer and Gillibrand come spend a weekend here and see how ridiculous it is.
  202. I have been writing comments on this website since February of 2012, when I first started to notice constant airplanes flying over my neighborhood here in Bath Beach. I also work in Sunset Park and noticed the same thing. I couldn't figure out why? I know LGA is 9 miles away, yet I was seeing and hearing the incredibly low flying airplanes. They were flying so close together, less than a minute apart. Now I found this website, and I am glad to find out that I am not the only one this has be affecting. But now, it is may 2014, and the airplanes landing at LGA are still flying day in, day out, 30 seconds apart. Nothing has changed. I have made myself aware of the different runways at LGA, which affect me neighborhood, some runways are worse than other. yet they hardly ever use runway 13, which is the best for Brooklyn residents. I can't imagine when the air space was redesigned that anyone at the FAA thought it would be just dandy to have airplanes fly over our homes every 30 seconds all day everyday for the rest of our lives. It isn't. Our elected officials, Schummer and Gillibrand have done absolutely nothing what so ever to help any of the Brooklyn residents in the over 2 years this situation has been happening. We do not need an independent noise study, we need the flight redesigned back to the way they were. All the years of the flight paths in the original way, no one was complaining, yet now because of NextGen we as taxpayers have to suffer unfairly. The FAA is not the only thing that matters, we do, we as tax payers matter. Our health and well being matter, our children matter. Our quality of life matters. The FAA needs to address this problem NOW, NOT with noise studies, any idiot can see flying a plane at 2600 feet over someones house every 30 seconds all day, every day for the rest of your life would be unhealthy in many aspects. I hate Brooklyn, I hate NY, and most of all I hate everyone that has anything to do with the FAA. I hate Schummer, Gillibrand, I hate our President. All of these people have not done anything for us, and I can see, they will continue to do nothing for us. It seems as though the airline industry is the only thing that matters, and we do not.
  203. Low flying jets passed over Park Slope from early this morning- probably 6:30 am until 5 pm more or less continuously, one every 45 seconds or so, pretty much non stop until 5 pm. Sometimes I wonder if they fly low over Prospect Park and the Botanical Garden to get the view. In any case, I think the thing to push for would be to limit the number of hours they can fly consecutively over one area. Today it was at least 10 hours. At one per minute (it was probably more) that would be 600 flights. Not acceptable, by any stretch of the imagination. We need to work together to stop this abuse.
  204. The noise from jets above Prospect Heights is consistently above safe levels. The awful sound is almost constant as one fades away another one starts. This will continue to affect property values and quality of life in this historic neighborhood. The FAA and Port Authority must stop ignoring the human impact of their decisions. Please stop turing a deaf ear to your constituents in the affected neighborhoods and do something to alleviate this situation!
  205. My first day/night in Park Slope and I cannot believe the helicopter traffic!! This MUST stop! I thought there was a military crisis! Awful.....
  206. During the winter, it seemed like aircraft noise had dropped here in Prospect Heights. We live very near the Brooklyn Museum. I'm stunned that already today before noon there have been at least 10 extremely loud flyovers, most coming within a few minutes of each other. The noise pollution is unbelievable. These planes are passing directly over our block extremely low.
  207. Here we go again! Sunday is meant to be our day of rest after a long work week and paying taxes to have our elected officials in office, officials who are paid well to be our representatives, but who have been completely ineffective in addressing the horrible, constant noise from low-flying airplanes in Brooklyn. Since 8:30 this morning (perhaps earlier since I wear earplugs to bed because of the constant aircraft noise until 11 pm at night), airplanes have flown over Vanderbilt Avenue in Prospect Heights every minute (I've gone crazy enough that I'm timing the planes). I'm currently wearing earphones as I try to finish some work for the coming week. This is completely outrageous, wearing earphones on a Sunday while working so I can pay taxes to salary our government representatives who do nothing about this increasingly out-of-control situation with LaGuardia airplanes. I demand that our elected officials do something about this - simple day-to-day activities and quality-of-life are severely affected. I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!
  208. I moved into Park Slope from Brooklyn Heights to get away from the helicopter noise there, and this is what I found: Park Slope has the worst aircraft noise of any area in the tri state area! Residents are woken up at 6:15 a.m. on most mornings with the first arrivals to La Guardia and the noise from the low-flying aircraft continues throughout the entire day up until after midnight. I hate Brooklyn! I hate Park Slope! I mostly hate our elected officials who are sitting on their arses and doing NOTHING about this. The airlines have their pockets in Schumer's and Gillibrand's pockets, locally elected Congresswoman Yvette Clark is milquetoast (that's the word on the street) and afraid to stand up to big business and knock some heads around. Forget all you read in the papers about how wonderful it is to live in Park Slope (or anywhere surround it for that matter). The other day on the street someone asked: Is there an airport around here? They were from out of town.
  209. The jet plane noise over Prospect Park West is constant and unceasing today and nearly every day for the past week. Please petition for a noise study.
  210. Seems as if no one in our senators office hears these about petitions. I moved over to neighboring prospect park and the planes are outrageous here also. Every 4-5 seconds there are planes. So tired of the noise. My family fees like going mad. Why are these guys still collecting paychecks?
  211. Oh come on already, runwy 4 is being used way too much now. all we hear are planes constantly all day long. When is this madness going to ever stop. something needs to be doen to make everyone happy. We residents cannot stand to hear planes fly over our heads every 30 seconds all day long for the rest of our lives.
  212. Low-flying aircraft has been flying over our home in Prospect Heights every minute, everyday, for past few weeks. The nonstop noise disrupts our everyday lives and causes anxiety. This is how I attempt to sleep every night: ear plugs, headphones, white noise machine. This has to STOP! PLEASE, PLEASE, listen to the people of Brooklyn and address this environmental hazard that is damaging our quality of life.
  213. I'm making noise complaints all day every day on this website: I suggest everyone else who is affected do the same.
  214. Noise, noise, fumes, fumes. . . All day, every minute. The noise is annoying and disrupts sleep, blood pressure; it creates anxiety in children, adults and the elderly, it disturbs school children's ability to concentrate and absorb homework; the invisible fumes are insidious; these kind of diesel contaminants are implicated in autism spectrum disorders and complications in pregnancy.
  215. Aircraft noise in Bensonhurst and Dyker Heights over the past few weeks. Low flying planes, every 45 - 75 seconds day and night. It is ruining my life. Please stop this!
  216. Saturday morning, March 08, 2014 - the low flying jets continue to batter Park Slope with loud noise and jet fumes. I moved here in 1986 to find a sense of community and peace and quiet. Now none of that remains. We pay a lot of money in property taxes and our requests to the politicians who make the laws -- i.e., Schumer and Gillibrand -- to stop this takeover of our homes, go unanswered, or at best, we receive form letters in the mail asking us to do something. Why aren't they doing something? This entire country is going to hell in a hand basket. . .
  217. Last night the airplanes were flying until 3:30 a.m., disrupting my entire family's sleep. It's impossible to make up for the lost sleep the next day because they are still flying - all day long for the last 12 days in a row. In Park Slope the annoyance is constant and perpetual -- note to new arrivals from Manhattan looking to build a nest here in Park Slope: Don't do it! This place is overun by aircraft on a regualar basis. You cannot sit outside and enjoy the evening air, nor take walks in Prospect Park. Our politicians are in bed with the airlines and they should all take a hike on a one-way ticket to nowhere. We need to start challenging our property taxes!
  218. My father who is 94 years old and served in World War II to protect our liberties, lives at home with me in Prospect Heights. I take care of him because he has dementia. The constant drone of aircraft overhead has him wondering if we are under attack from the Nazis. The Nazis! That is what this has come down to. A government agency that has no regard for the environment and cares more about kowtowing to the airline industry than abiding by environmental laws. Perhaps you people, when you are too old to fly airplanes, or control where they go, will remember this: your ignorance and belligerence has turned a patriotic soul into a suffering old man who only knows that his life is falling apart and that the Nazis have invaded the country he fought to protect. Shame on all of you!
  219. This is RIDICULOUS and DAMAGING TO MY FAMILY'S HEALTH! For two weeks now nothing but non-stop low flying aircracft crop-dusting my home in Bedford-Stuyvesant. My husband and I bought this home through a city sponsored first time home owner program and this is what we get? Our youngest one has his sleep distrubted by the constant drone of aircraft every 45 seconds, and the older one cannot concentrate to complete homework. And this is what we pay property taxes for? You: FAA; you: Port Authority; you: politicians who let these agencies make us sick.. . You people are crazy, sick and dumb asses!
  220. It is no longer tolerable to live with the constant noise from jumbo jets arriving at JFK. I am a resident of Floral Park and pay very high taxes. Where is the justice in the fact that I pay taxes yet must live with this constant noise from low flying cargo/jumbo jets. It is high time we take legal action against the airlines and JFK airport for polluting our air - driving us from our backyards due to unbearable noise - being woken up in the middle of the night due to noise and vibrating windows as the cargo jet arrives at JFK. No matter how many times we complain we are ignored by our elected officials and by the airlines and the FAA.
  221. independent noise study please
  222. The planes are overhead again in Prospect Heights, started at 6:30 am, every 30 seconds, nonstop, incessant, maddening. STOP THIS! STOP THIS! STOP THIS!
  223. Nine helicopters just passed overhead in South Slope today. What sort of quality of life is this?!? It's tempting to move elsewhere. Then we'll let our tax dollars speak in a quieter neighborhood, if there's no other way to be heard!
  224. At approximately 5:45pm today, after approximately 7 days of incessant low flying aircraft over Windsor Terrace headed for runway 4 at LGA, flights have finally been diverted off to the west where they proceed over Gravesend Bay, up the Hudson then turn east to make their final approach. This is a welcomed relief, however, who knows how long this will last.
  225. I have commented on this site many times. I live in Woodside, Queens. I taught at PS 11. The planes come over my home and my school, every 30 seconds for 20 hours a day!! I have kept a journal of the planes. I have kept notes on every person I contacted regarding this disgusting, situation.. Crowley, De Blasio, Van Bremer, Marshall, FAA, Port Authority, Bosco, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, !!! Last Saturday, after being kept awake all night, I had to leave my home. Tired and sick of the nose bleeds and headaches, lack of ability to sleep, and to the ability enjoy my home and yard. I have had people leave my home during dinner, because the could not stand the noise and the smell of jet fuel! I have joined with queensquietskies. I am staying at another of my homes out of state. I will continue to fight this disgusting situation with them from there. Jeff has done a great job. Maybe if we all join forces we will be able to keep our homes and health. I do not wish to give up my home which I have lived in my entire life for a bunch of idiots, who would not allow this to happen to their families! Maybe "we of Woodside" can join together?? There is an election coming up in November!!!
  226. I have noticed the incredible increase in noise in the past few weeks. (Bensonhurts/Dyker area). Low flying planes, every few minutes during the night. It's torturous.
  227. I have heard from neighbors that the planes only fly through woodside when the weather gets bad. That's a total b.s!! Everyday for the past 7 days, the weather has been nothing but beatiful, so WHY am I hearing loud and obnoxious noises everyday from 6:30am to 12 at midnight? Something must be done with the FAA, they are very corrupt. Our community needs help.
  228. It's important to turn up the heat on the legislators in Brooklyn and Queens. We vote them into office, we can remove them, too. Tell your neighbors, friends, relatives anyone in your address book to vote these clowns out of office!
  229. This urgent issue needs to be addressed immediately, and perhaps an injunction in federal court is the way to go, with a class action against the FAA. Clearly, they do not intend to conduct an independent noise study, which is outrageous given that the noise is unreal-it's a war zone! I have never in my life heard aircraft noise like this except when I am at an actual airport. Yet, my house is 12 miles from LGA!! FAA and Port Authority maintain that they cannot change flight paths, but they do so for the U.S. Open every year for the benefit of sports fans-and what about us, the taxpayers, the voters? LGA maintains that weather patterns causes the problem-not true. The planes are flying overhead at low altitudes EVERY DAY for the past several months, rain or shine, wind or no wind. Port Authority/LGA claims planes can't follow precise flight paths along for example, the BQE. That is not true, as Nextgen has them flying in very concentrated flight paths-you can tell just by looking at the planes, they come one right after another in a remarkably concentrated straight line! FAA claims that the Nextgen system reduces noise. It does not. It has increased it exponentially, turning former peaceful neighborhoods in Brooklyn into living hells, war zones. The planes are flying lower than ever, every 30-60 seconds, every day, all day, starting 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. and relentless with their screams and roars. This is having a serious impact on my health: my heart rate is elevated, my breathing is more shallow, my blood pressure is rising. I have been experiencing headaches. I cannot relax or sleep in my own home. I can't hear the TV or radio over the noise. My neighbors do not spend time in their yards anymore. This is unacceptable, far beyond typical traffic or other street noise. Bill De Blasio, are you listening? Schumer, are you? You both live on this new NextGen flight path. Please do something! We beg you!
  230. Another beautiful October day punctuated by the constant roar of low-flying, carcinogenic-spewing jets over Bayridge, Sunset Park, Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Prospect Heights, Fort Greene and Bedford-Stuyvesant. Time to sell out and get!
  231. This is insane. The noise level is ridiculous and there is no reason other pathways cannot be used for the airplanes to efficiently land without disturbing people.
  232. This is honestly UNBELIEVABLE!!! what can we do about this?? PLEASE....can anyone tell me what we can do about these planes every 30 seconds?!! I have emailed the congressman (as someone emailed me here to do), but I am really going MAD about this CONSTANT noise. i live in South Slope , 14 street between 7th and 8th and this is really, truly destroying my life! I cant hear my tv, cant talk on the phone, cant sleep, does anyone know if we can sign a petition somewhere about this??! please email me?!!
  233. Day 6 of incessant fly-overs. It is obvious at this point that this is the new normal. The FAA has made presentations to Congress congratulating themselves on NEXTGEN -- how many more planes they can cram into our airspace and on the low, precision glide-paths. Looks like this runway 4 approach started out as an experiment and, like frogs boiling in water, we're supposed to be used to it. It's also obvious that any human consequences were left out of this completely logistical and engineering-driven initiative. People are collateral damage. It's the economy and the airline industry that matter. We didn't get a seat at the table. Not during the process and not now. Our elected representatives are too busy with party talking points to represent. I want to be able to listen to the sound of the rain, to go out on my deck in the evening and enjoy the air. If your neighbor is using a leaf-blower, you can endure it because you know if will end in an hour. If there is major construction, you can tell yourself in a few months it will be done. The reality that this will never end, that there is no break, no cessation, that the planes will come in all day every day for as long as you live, it is breaking my spirit. I will never be able to have the life I want here.
  234. I moved into my Park Slope apartment in early 2002––which is to say, in the wake of 9/11. Soon thereafter, air traffic returned to normal. I work at home and the constant roar of jets overhead drove me nearly to distraction. I spent a good six months complaining regularly to the FAA, and was told there had been no change whatsoever in the traffic over my house, that I had merely "begun to notice it." Finally, I demanded comparative statistics for runway 4 and discovered that there had been an increase of more than 5,000 planes/month. When I confronted my contact at the FAA, he told me point blank that it was protocol to tell people there had been no change, although there had been. In other words, it was protocol to give people the impression they were going crazy. I have since made an uneasy peace with the problem––am bothered some days more than others––but writing now, on October 13, I can say that by my estimate runway 4 has been in constant use for more than two weeks. Every 20-40 seconds, another plane roaring overhead. I understand we live in a dense urban area. I understand that the planes have to fly somewhere. But I can't understand why the burden can't be spread around more fairly. During my battle with the FAA, I was told, among other things, that the town of Larchmont was the other approach to runway 4 and that their community's collective agitation over the noise trumped ours. We are agitating NOW. Please DO something.
  235. OMG!!! I thought I was the only one. It has been 5 days so far that runway 4 at LGA is being used. I have heard and seen nothing but airplanes fly at 30 seconds apart, all day long. Living here in Bath Beach, working in Sunset Park, enjoying walking around Park Slope, I cannot get away from it. The planes are everywhere. The are now not even 3000 feet, but 2600 2500 feet, a few hundred feet lower than ever............... On the days that the planes fly over The Narrows and up the Hudson, we get relief. Why can't they fly like that all the time, thus avoiding flying from "Gravesend Bay" clear ACROSS all of Brooklyn, touching every Brooklyn neighborhod. There is actually no neighborhood in Brooklyn that does not get affected by this. We can't excape it, they planes are everywhere. Our once beautiful quiet skies have turned into a complete war zone. and what about our Mayor, he wants us to be healthy, and supposedly cares about our quality of life, not on this issue. It is as if all our federal officials here in brooklyn have a deaf ear towards this. As I type this, I am listening to 30 second intervals out my kitchen window here at 21st ave and 86th Street....only to aggravate the rest of Brooklyn. With the amount of residents living in our Borough, one would think something could be done to rectify this and make everyone happy. How does the PA & FAA even think that all the tax paying residents wouldn't mind listening to ear pierceing planes flying at 30 seconds apart constant? I watch all the time to see what runways will be used and how my neighborhood will be affected, so far, again for the last 5 days it has been runway 4, which is hell for me where I live.
  236. Forget about Brooklyn! The neighborhoods are being turned into Chernobyls from low, constant aircraft noise. Move elsewhere!
  237. This is absolute insane. I live in woodside and for the past 5 days and right now, i've been seeing, feeling and hearing the arrival planes from my living room couch in the interval of 30-2 minutes!!!!!!! From 7am to 1am @gdujgf!?6(;$&&( I can no longer take this anymore! I feel trapped because I just bought this coop! There's no way out of this! WHERE IS OUR GOV't?! They live off out tax Money luxuriously but no longer represent the people. I will continue to make complains to the FAA AND NY PORT AUTHORITY.
  238. Every single night, the planes are flying over the building. It's extremely loud and annoying. I can still hear it even when I close the windows. It's also disturbing my sleep. This is not acceptable. Someone has to do something about this so everyone can have some peace and quiet.
  239. Looks like there is legal precedent for suing over aircraft noise Also, buried below is a link to the Port Authority's noise complaint site, where you can register complaints that actually get heard. It restricts you to a specific day and time, but then there is a text field and you can write about the overall situation there.
  240. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, from dawn until 1 am, without respite, planes fly at 90-second to at most 3-minute intervals directly over my house. There is no escape. I just bought this co-op, and noise was such a consideration that I turned down a lower-priced apartment because I thought the sound of the elevator shaft might be disturbing. Little did I know that NEXTGEN precision glide paths, made by technocrats who did absolutely no quality-of-life impact research, would shatter my nerves and bring me to despair in the name of progress and efficiency. This is the most densely populated, and expensive, real estate in the whole country. Do we have no voice? I have no faith that posting here does anything except let us know we're not alone in feeling this way. What we need is a class-action suit. Sue the port Authority, LGA, the FAA, sue the EPA for dropping the ball. If they need this air corridor so badly, they can reimburse me for my closing costs and buy my apartment to bring visiting FAA bigwigs in to marvel at how low the planes can fly and how many more planes they can bring into their airport. I've had enough.
  241. Enough noise from airplanes already! Bayridge, Sunset Park, Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Bedford Stuyvesant! Don't live or move to these areas you will be driven out by the constant aircraft noise!
  242. its just outrageous..i moved to Dyker 78th st off 13 ave in April everything was fine NOW those dam planes wakes us up 6 30 am every damm morning...they are so low and make so much racket...and every 15 to 20 second...all day and some days into the night up to 12pm...what the hell is going on??? and Why??? Please do something about really is out of hand.
  243. PLEASE STOP the Planes every 50 seconds over South Park Slope ....The noise ALL Day and Now Night too, Is Driving Me MAD. I cannot believe this is happening and that they are getting away with this. I am now losing sleep over this as well. noise machines, earphones, music blasting, ...this is Insane!!!
  245. I am a Prospect Heights residence and the low flying plans have cause me great loss of sleep. I love my neighborhood and apartment but this needs to stop. I am a proud Brooklyn voter..
  246. for the last couple of weeks planes have been flying over head, low and loud and almost back to back. i have lived here for a year and this just started. it is relentless. tonight it started at approx quarter to 11 and for the past half hour it has been plane after plane! i am just off of myrtle in fort greene.
  247. It's been a couple of blissful, quiet days and nights, but now it's 11:00 pm on Friday night and the planes are back with a vengeance! HELP.
  248. Please look at this article We should form a coalition with our Queens neighbors and Tony Avella's office. The point to make to people is Jet Fuel Toxins travel through the air and pollute and sicken Brooklyn and Queens residents that do not hear the planes. So we all have a stake in this issue. Amazing that for a few dollars airlines are willing to harm, sicken, injure millions of people and children. It is a shame. We need to move LGA to a less populated area surrounded by water like most civilized countries have already done. Our representatives are always talking about "jobs, jobs, jobs" Think of all the jobs in this project.
  249. What have our so-called representatives, in Washington, Albany and NYC, done about this intolerable situation, which has been going on for more than a year now. They're just sitting on their hands while we in northeastern Queens are subject to this daily physical and mental torture from the low-flying planes. If this situation is not corrected soon.......lets throw all these bums out come next election.The FAA and other Federal agencies in charge of flight patterns should be sued for the tremendous damages they have done to the health of many us in northeastern Queens, and they had better shut up and not talk about how they don't think there is a problem--why don't they come here and stay for a few stays and find out the truth--the invitation is particularly extended to Michael Huerta, the FAA chief.
  250. Here we go again, trying to enjoy the weekend in Prospect Heights. I put on the noise machine, earplugs, headphones - all in a desperate and futile attempt to drown out the incessant, roaring planes that pass over every 1-2 minutes! Implement an independent noise study, and address this NOW!
  251. I really enjoy living in this lovely and friendly neighborhood of Prospect Heights, that is, until I am off work for the weekend. The weekend that I break my back for 40+ hours a week to enjoy some relaxing time with family and friends, inside and out in my lush and beautiful backyard. This sacred time and period of relaxation is not rife with the roar of jet engine turbines screaming overhead in looping phases like the slow tocking, counting out another lost weekend. I support an independent noise study and will vote to insure a quieter and less stressful living area. Thank you.
  252. We are sitting in our yard in Woodside, Queens. Planes are coming down so low we can see the passengers, every 40 seconds. They started at 7:00 a.m. and it is after 6:00 p.m. Yesterday they started at 5:45 a.m. and did not end until after 11:00 p.m. We have joined Queens Quiet Skies (based in Bayside) they are very well organized. They have lawyers and a number of politicans helping out. Di Blasio when he was public advocate fought for the people in Murray Hill (Manhattan) reguarding the helicopters landing a few times a week but when approached about the constant bonbardment of Woodside, did NOTHING. Maybe should be approached again? Maybe Queens Quiet Skies and Prospect Quiet Skies SHOULD JOIN FORCES???!!!!
  253. Hi all - How can we organize on this? It's really outrageous. I called my Congressman, Jerrold Nadler, on Wednesday and his staffer said, that as far as she knew, I was the first person from the district to submit a complaint. I'm all for hitting the streets with petitions or whatever is needed to have our plight be known. I'm grateful to the people behind Quiet Skies Prospect Park for giving us this forum. Thank you.
  254. To me, what makes no sense at all, is we have so much water all around LGA, yet the flights that come from the Gravesend Bay, and should go over The Narrows and up the Hudson, to alleviate the residents of Brooklyn and Queens, But no, they fly directly over ALL of Brooklyn at 3000 feet at 30 second intervals thus ruining hundreds of tax payers quality of life. It seems runway 4 is when the planes are the worst for Brooklyn residents. Couldn't they even fly at least 5000 feet in the air, that would even make it better. Today, as I am here in Sunset park at lunchtime, they were every 30 seconds apart, one after the other. Does anyone in the airline industry just maybe think it is too much for all the residents to have to listen too everyday all day.???? or let alone breathe in this toxic jet fuel. Our elected officials are as good as nothing, our mayor is as good as nothing. lets see what DeBlasios views are on this. Lets hope for the best.
  255. This new NextGen flight navigation has to be independently studied with community input. Why would anyone what all the noise and air pollution to fly right over densely populated parts of New York City? If this is purely a money issue. Technology can solve the issue. Use technology to find the optimal route that involves mostly flight over water. If we can use NextGen to fly jets 30 seconds apart then why don't we have LaGuardia arrivals and departures both share the water side of LGA. It makes no sense to flights 100's of flights 30 seconds apart at under 3000 ft and speeds of 300 mph. There is a program that monitors flights over brooklyn NY see also Here's an example flight over Bed Stuy N111VB date: 4 days ago 2013-09-23T15:08:51.000Z altitudeFt: 1100 speedMph: 125 lat: 40.7000007629 lon: -73.9499969482 It is amazing that the FAA flight data is public but you have to pay flightstats etc at least $300 a month to access our public flight data information. (if anyone knows where the flight data archive exists, please let me know because it should be public) If the NSA can track and store ALL our phone records. Then obviously we should track and store all flight data information and make it publically accessible. Thanks, Ralph
  256. I am sitting in our little back yard in Park Slope,trying to play with my three year old son. I don't know how many planes have flown over ( there goes another one),I have lost count. Enough for me to have a headache and to start searching online for this exact problem only to learn I am far from the only person who has noticed the low flying,LOUD, frequent planes. It seems to be one every 30 seconds and this is not an exaggeration. My ears are ringing now- I can only imagine how it is affecting my son. Please, please investigate and remedy this problem so we can go outside again. Thanks- a tax payer and voter
  257. I am writing from Prospect Heights, where I have lived for over 20 years. I've begun to hate this place, mainly because of the torture of airplane noise!! It begins at 6am, when I would normally be asleep, and often continues until after 2am!!! They pass at least two per minute = 120 planes per hour.... Can you imagine living with this constant abuse of your ears and your environment! Sometimes I find myself in such an irritable mood, I wonder why...and then another airplane goes past! Today I got a decibel meter. Sitting on my couch, holding the meter in my hand, it registers in the 50's for ambient sound, around 70 when a car goes by on the street, and UP TO 92dB -- dangerous levels, and louder than the subway!!! -- when an airplane flies over my building, on its way to La Guardia Airport. Something must be done, to give us back our peaceful neighborhoods and our sanity!
  258. The airplane noise over Clinton Hill has become even more unbearable over the last few weeks! Please support an independent noise study. The quality of life here is really beginning to suffer.
  259. Please redirect the airplane traffic to avoid the densely-populated residential areas Brooklyn and Queens. We just moved into a beautiful apartment in Kensington, Brooklyn, and we'd like to stay for a long time to come. But the airplane traffic is irritating!! Thank you, Nicole Reed
  260. It's 6:30am. Another helicopter above woke me up. When will it end?
  261. Plane noise has become a major problem in this area, and it continues until late at night (it is after 11:30 and we have just had repeated flyover by helicopter or prop plane). Please commission a study and direct air traffic away from our neighborhood. Above all, do not allow it late at night or early in the morning. The last thing New Yorkers need is more stress and less sleep. Calm constituents are happy constituents!
  262. The airplane noise over this residential area has become unbearable, and continues until late at night. New Yorkers do not need less sleep or more stress. Please undertake a study and help reclaim your constituents' quality of life.
  263. The FAA needs to re-evaluate the roll out of the Nextgen / Northeast Airspace Redesign programs. They are having a detrimental impact in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. We can not live in this intolerable situation. This will affect our health, our quality of life, and our property values. We can not allow this to happen. Our communities beseech you to help us work with the FAA and Port Authority.
  264. Please help us. The FAA does not care about us and wants to make life unbearable. We can not live with planes flying over our homes at 1000 to 1500 feet every 30 seconds. Sometimes the rumble is constant and never leaves. One rumble disappears only to be replaces by another. It is adversely affecting our quality of life. Please help us. Urge the FAA and Port Authority to do real world tests and get some real data from installing ground sound monitors.
  265. Three years ago we moved into our Windsor Terrace Brooklyn home seeking peace of mind in this beautiful greenway section of the borough. At that time planes flew overhead but only every once in awhile but now, not so much. Over the past several weeks there has been an onslaught of air traffic. Just this evening planes flew at a low level every 20-30 seconds from 6:30p to 10:30p. We have a 9 month old and he is repeatedly woken up. It is hard to make conversation inside our own home. We demand an independent noise study and more so for this air traffic abuse to stop!
  266. 7: 30 PM Bayside, Queens, NY The airplanes are flying at 10-20 seconds interval over this area and very low for hours and hours. Outside ,in the backyard I measure 80 decibels and in the house with closed windows the noise reaches 70 decibels. FAA applies NextGen over densly populated residential areas! FAA is forcing us to live like rats-in basements, trying to block the incessant , strong noise. Cannot rest at home after a day of work! What a shame!
  267. Please conduct the study and change the flight paths. I live in Midwood and it's effected by this noise issue a lot. Brooklyn is mostly residential area and it has to be taken into account by FAA or whoever is responsible for the planning.
  268. I strongly support an independent noise study. I have been living in Park Slope, Brooklyn for 10 years and have noticed a dramatic increase in air traffic this year. As a result of the constant, unrelenting jet planes screaming overhead, I cannot keep my windows open at home and think straight or be heard in a normal conversation. I find myself feeling nervous. Planes pass over every 1-2 minutes or more, all day long and until late in the evening. I cannot read because I can't concentrate, and can't bear to spend time outside in my neighborhood though I love the outdoors and have always enjoyed walking around my neighborhood-it is the very reason I chose to live in Park Slope. I own a coop but am seriously considering moving if this issue is not addressed, which I consider to be the single most important issue in the upcoming mayoral election. We pay way too much in property taxes and rents here to bear this on top of the all the other noise pollution we endure here in NYC. Please restore our quality of life.
  269. Learned from the comment posted by Mike, I just made a complain on and i think i will call and write a complain every day on the days when I hear the planes. I live in Woodside, Queens and just bought a coop 2 months ago, I REGRET buying the coop just because of the planes. At least 4 days a week, from 7am to 1am or 2am I'd hear NONE STOP (in the interval of 50sec-2minutes at most) jet sounds and see huge commercial airplanes taking off and landing. I have a beautiful balcony which I don't use because of how loud and annoy the jets are. I could see the black fuels/smokes coming out of the plane, eek disgusting. I don't get any sleep at night and woke up by the sound of the jets early in the morning. I really think my mental health is running low ... really considering selling the coop
  270. Everybody please to go below and log your complaints. Hope everybody go to the website and submit the complaints. I will submit everyday. I wish we were a PAC so the politicians can actually hear our voice.
  271. We live in a lovely house in North Flushing. We love our house, except for the crazy loud aircrafts flying DIRECTLY over us almost everyday and every night up to 1 am. We have so many sleepless nights that has been create a lot of health issues in our family. I can personally feel my hearing is not as good as before, and with a bad headache every morning. This is so stressful that I actually had a miscarriage this past April. I don't understand how Port Authority could simply ignore laws and rules and change to this obvious terrible method in handling their flights. It is common sense that when aircraft flies low, the noise level increase. Put your flight back to fly high again!!! You are driving me and other people crazy. No one wants to do a crazy thing here but if you don't fix it, no one can guarantee anything anymore. At least, for me to write this petition is a crazy thing for me.
  272. There is just too much noise from the airplanes, oit is very annoying & it needs to be stopped. For me, there is a single, overriding issue for the next election: AIR PLANE NOISE. Please do all that it takes to protect the health & comfort of your constituents & neighbors.
  273. I live in Flushing, Queens, & am involved with the group 'Queens Quiet Skies,' but I came across this site and think it is so well done. I am sorry to hear that Brooklyn is suffering because of NextGen too. I have always lived in Flushing, & so am accustomed to a degree of airplane noise, but these new LGA flight patterns are unbearable & no human being should have to endure them. My family and I try to spend as little time as possible in our home because of all the noise. It no longer feels like a home. It feels like a prison. And to top it off, the FAA has the nerve to tell us that the overall noise footprint in our area has DECREASED. What a joke. We are on both takeoff and landing routes and there is never any relief. Planes fly directly over schools and hospitals too, which is unconscionable. It is absolute hell. I yearn for the day when average citizens actually matter to our elected officials as much as the airlines do.
  274. Bayside, Queens. Is Saturday afternoon, 8/17/2013. We are trying to rest at home after a busy week. It is not possible. Airplanes are flying over every 30-60 seconds. They are flying low and the noise is unbearable. Yesterday, 8/16, between 7 AM and 11PM hundreds of airplanes from LGA flew over a few blocks here in Bayside, literally at intervals ranging between 20 seconds to 3-5 minutes the most. Nonstop, all day. As we all know this non sustainable quality of life is the result of flight pattern change and NEXTGEN introduction in NYC airports. At recent community meetings we were given pieces of information about the “progress” that is being done to reverse / improve this situation. We are being reassured that we are “moving in the right direction”. Meanwhile the noise is getting WORSE. I cannot talk about other areas, but I can affirm with certainty about the area where I reside- Bayside, Queens: the volume of airplanes flying over is higher and airplanes are flying lower and lower. A You Tube snap shot that I placed earlier this last week reveals noise levels reaching 77-80 decibels in my backyard. Obviously state politicians are not able to help and federal senators who actually brought this on us by voting on laws (e.g. Sen. Chuck Schumer) – DO NOT CARE. I grew up in a communist country in Eastern Europe so I know what government tyranny is. However, I never thought that in a country like USA the Federal Government (through FAA in this case) will ever inflict such sustained abuse on people, using shock and awe techniques to bring everybody into submission. The political-ruling class as well as FAA and Port Authority are inconsiderate to the negative effects on our health from noise and jet exhaust pollution caused by hundreds of airplanes flying everyday over our residential areas. Among others, I am sending this email to some of the elected politicians and candidates for political positions urging everybody to get involved in this issue that will definitely be on agenda for future elections. Daniela Addeo, MD
  275. I have lived in Gray Maine for over ten years and never had a problem with planes over my home. This year I have counted and recorded planes flying directly over my home and through my neighborhood ten to twelve times a day low enough to see the wings ect. These days when I get up in the morning no quiet listening to birds on my deck because I hear the first plane before eight am and I count 6 planes by noon have gone by. My three year old gets spooked by them, they are so loud, he doesn't want to be outside. This is not ok.I called the aviation dept. and his response was send me proof but we have no control over who fly's where, now I'm more nervous. What? Recently a plane flying over a residential area crashed in a home and killed a family. I believe their should be regulations in place and a strict pattern for planes. This is excessive, unnecessary and dangerous for citizens on the ground. Please stop or reduce the planes that fly directly over my home.
  276. As one plane comes over us in MASPETH, QUEENS it leaves a canopy of exhaust toxins, which are forced downward. The result is that toxic exhaust is literally being forced into our homes, which whether we know it or not is actually killing us. I have spoken to some of my relatives and friends who reside in this area of Queens, NY and all are experiencing respiratory problems such as headaches, allergies, burning and/or inflamed sinus, asthma, etc. Something has to be done!
  277. Maspeth, Queens is being dusted every few minutes with toxic jet's so awful. Horrible! PLEASE do something to help us. OUR FAMILIES ARE GETTING SICK!!!
  278. The noise pollution in Park Slope caused by La Guardia airplane traffic is impossible to bear. It is forcing many residents (including myself) to contemplate moving, even though the neighborhood is much loved. The airplane traffic is turning a little urban paradise into hell. It is irresponsible to jeopardize our physical and mental health for the profits and convenience of the airlines.
  279. Entire week long with no interruption, less 2000 ft attitude disregard of the weather condition and wind, frequency 45-60 sec - it's getting a constant sky occupancy for the planes headed to La Guardia airport. Had never been worst for me as BedSty resident. It's unbearable. It's a bottom. FAA should do smith.
  280. What I find amazing is we know jet fuel causes cancer among other illnesses, yet all our worthless politicians, like Schumer, Gillibrand, really do not care. They have been allowing this fo the last few years. Schumer is also some sort of schmuck that he allows the planes to be flying at these low altitudes in his neighborhood. There are also people that think it is no big deal. But it is a big deal, aircraft noise is offensive. It is simply a horrible noise to have to listen to every 30 seconds of the day. Fathers day there was a street fair on 7th ave, Schumer was there greeting people, unfortunetely on that day, the planes were flying a different route closer towards the Carroll Gardens area, thus relieving park Slopers for a day, and I was so ready to go up and ask Schumer, What are you doing about this?, and point to the planes flying above.....I would have loved to have of done that. So here we are again, back at work in Sunset Park and the planes are flying every 30 seconds apart, it is a clear day and I can almost see the windows on the planes. What a shame that no one really cares about all the residents that have to suffer because of this nextgen implementation. It is a damn shame. I leave my home in Bath beach and watch the planes fly to LGA, I think of all the neighborhoods they must fly over and all the people that they disturb, and all the people that are breathing in the jet fuel, all our children are breathing jet fuel in, and for this I feel sorry for all of us. Something must and needs to be done about this. This is unacceptable. oh, and Obama is no prize package either, it is as if the FAA is exempt from all rules in our country. Funny how President Obozo banned mailing cigarettes thru the mail so young people will not smoke, yet all they have to do is go out side breath in the air and cancer another way.......
  281. I live on the West Indian side of Prospect Park - between Flatbush and Ocean Avenue. The helicopter noise has been horrible, almost daily, for months. They circle and hover over my block at 6 and 7 am, through the evening sometimes, and start up sometimes at 11pm during both the week and weekend. There has been a helicopter circling for the last hour and a half tonight. It is extremely loud; it wakes me up and prevents me from sleeping. I live next to the subway and I can sleep through that and the airplanes that fly much much higher in the sky. I found this site because I am so frustrated and want this to stop. I think there needs to be a way for us to collectively log whether it is a helicopter or airplane making the noise that is bothering us. Is anyone collecting that data? By date and time or something?
  283. This is the THIRD time I have called and written contacts at LGA, the FAA, and my own representatives. Nothing has been done! The noise today has been relentless and unbearable, although the low-flying planes and helicopters roar over my apartment in Grand Army Plaza in Prospect Heights Brooklyn every 30-45 seconds each day from 5:30am-1:30am. It is affecting our neighborhood's quality of life and my health! Please..something MUST BE DONE!!!
  284. We need to seriously consider the welfare of your constituents, not airline pocketbooks due to the high level noise over Brooklyn NY generated by airplane flying overhead. Everyday it feels like we are in a war zone. This needs to be stopped. We need to vote for politicians that cares. Please count me in for any support to elect officials that cares.
  285. Planes have been passing over my residence every 30 seconds. That is not even enough time for one plane's noise to leave the area before the noise of the next plane crescendos. With the level and frequency of noise, it is very difficult to concentrate and impossible to sleep. Having only a few noise-free hours in the very early hours of the morning is not enough to be healthy and productive during the day. Not to mention the stress and aggravation it causes. One should not need to take sleep aids or any other medication because of plane traffic noise. Now that the weather is warmer it is very uncomfortable to sleep with windows shut, yet impossible to leave them open. The noise can be heard loud and clear even through earplugs and with windows shut. Something MUST be done. The level of noisy is unhealthy and unacceptable.
  286. Keep calling and complaining to Bosco, General Manager of La G 718 533-3401. He does not like being annoyed about plane noise and the cancer causing jet fuel we are breathing every 40 seconds for 20+ per day! Keep calling over and over!!!!
  287. Planes fly every 33 seconds through the night directly over my house at noise levels that I must sleep with my windows shut (I want them open), with two noise muffling "sound machines" and now with an easy listening music channel on. I was prescribed a sleep aid RX by my doctor last night. I cannot sleep with earplugs on weekdays because I need my alarm. None of that helps the shaking of my home. Last night my full water glass spilled all over my wood floors due to vibration. THat motivated me to SEARCH and find this site! I am enraged an sleep deprived! I have put my house up for sale. I have been afraid of making publicity about this because I must get out. This is unhealthy. Planes flew over the water when I bought my house 17 years ago. I understand the increase in air traffic, but if air traffic gets to the point it has, where CARGO planes have to fly this close together over homes, then the number must be reduced so rerouting is possible not to disturb peace. I want the addresses of the top officials publicized on this site so we can do an exact recording of the plane noise. Since this amount of disruption of the peace is apparently LEGAL, let's mobilize Floral Park residents to stand in front of each officials house to blast the exact decibel level every 33 seconds through the night until it is resolved. Is it legal to have this type of disruption through the night? If not, why is it still permitted? Is it because it doesn't effect you? Seriously, let's mobilize. I'm up all night anyway. I've got vacation time available to put to this use. I've had it.
  288. I can not write a complaint for every plane that travels over my house. It happens EVERY 1-2 MINUTES! The trailing sound of a jet is carried on by another one right after. This is unbelievable. It is the first thing I hear in the morning, and the last thing I hear at night as I struggle to go to sleep.
  289. Paul Laude is a waste of time, not that he isn't a nice guy. It's just that he has no power. Most of the people in the New York Regional offices have no power to change these flight tracks. Yvette Clarke's office is also a waste of time. They have received numerous complaints and remain complacent. Brooklyn politicians are totally complacent and inactive in this serious health issue -- they need to be voted out of office. Just look at all the great, pro-active changes Queens politicians are doing for their constituents: they have meetings with the Port and FAA and demand answers and changes, they write bills and get them passed in the State Senate to force the FAA and Port to conduct noise studies affecting their area. What do Brooklyn politicans do despite being complained to over and over again by their voters? Nothing. They are useless.
  290. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to complain-- he is an FAA rep in Brooklyn. you can also email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to complain
  291. Friends, Once again today the air traffic is insanely loud and frequent. Once per minute at least! This is un-livable. I live right near grand army plaza at the north end of Prospect Park. I just made some calls. I got pointed in the direction of the federal representative for this part of Brooklyn, Congresswoman Evette Clark 718-287-1142 and I spoke to someone named Patrick. His email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. He said that 2 years ago they put in a complaint to the FAA and the FAA tested the noise and it "wasn't bad enough to make a change." Well I believe it has gotten worse and also is much worse on certain days. Patrick said that I can go to his office to file a complaint in person to initiate speaking with the FAA again. We must do this! I don't want to go to this office alone. Perhaps we should plan for a group of us to show up with this complaint. Please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can make a difference! Also, call his office-- he says he hasn't heard enough complaints about this to think much of it. Please find out who your federal representative is depending on where you live and call!
  292. It is Saturday may 18, 2013. A helicopter or helicopters? have been flying over my apt ever 3mins for the last 4 hrs...they are extremely loud. This seems unfair....something needs to be done.
  293. I've just counted 100 planes in the course of one evening. Is is now 11:28 pm and there still seems to be an endless stream of airplanes and NOISE. Isnt there other routes to consider that do not impede on resident's quality of life at home? How about following the other major transportation routes like the BPE or Grand Central. Lets work together to resolve this chronic issue.
  294. I am absolutely appalled by the noise pollution caused by air traffic in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. I live near Grand Army Plaza, right near Prospect Park in a wonderful neighborhood which is literally being ruined by the noise pollution of planes. Every minute another plane passes, quite low to the ground. This noise is so irritating and disturbing to life that I am actually considering moving away. It is literally unbearable and is practically causing depression. I feel like I cannot be home and feel good, because every minute I hear this awful sound. There is no break. Please do something! Change the direction of air traffic and let us live our lives without this horrible disturbance!
  295. I went to Green-Wood Cemetery this past Sunday, Mothers Day, to spend a few hours with loved ones, and the whole time I was at the grave, there were planes flying above me. I was trying to find peace and tranquility and serenity in one of the most beautiful cemetery's in the world, but I couldn't do so. There were planes flying every 30 seconds over the cemetery. How disgusting is that. I bet if it were Shea Stadium and a baseball game was going on the planes would have taken a different route, as to not distract the baseball players. All Brooklyn and Queens elected officials should hang their heads in shame for what they have allowed the FAA do to our communities, and the FAA, well what they have done is simply criminal.
  296. We just moved to Park Slope and realized that there is a constant airplane noise pollution problem here. There is a plane buzzing overhead every few minutes as I'm typing this. How is anyone expected to sleep? This can't be a permanent flight path solution for the FAA. Please help!
  297. I live in floral park, Long Island and have and to listen to the planes fly every 2 minutes on the dot since 4 am this morning. This is regular occurrence here and it is destroying the quality of life. I hate to stay in my home now because the constant noise raises my anxiety levels. Please someone has to do something about this. It is only going to get worse!
  298. Who took the decision to make those planes from LaGuardia flying so low in Brooklyn? This is totally irresponsible. There is so many residents living here. What if an accident happen? The noise of cause is totally insane. While I'm writing seven flights flew over my house in Bed-Stuy. I'm pregnant and I would love to have some silence and be in a peaceful environment. Like it use to be when I fist moved here.
  299. It is 12:48 am on Saturday, April 27. All night it has been one plane after another. They are flying low and it is extremely loud. There's no place you can go in Park Slope where you can escape the plane noise: not Prospect Park, not Seventh Avenue. I know that when I go to the Botanical Garden this weekend to see the lovely tulips blossoming the experience will be greatly marred by the constant planes flying overhead. It is now 12:53 am and another low plane is roaring by.
  300. It is Sunday, i woke to planes flying and it is now 6:30, and they are still flying past my home. Every 30 seconds since i woke up. They are really loud today, and extremely annoying. We went to park Slope for lunch, they were even louder there, couldn't even sit on a bench at Plaza Street, as the planes were so annoying. I also vote "Schummer" and "Gillibrand" OUT of office, they are doing absolutely NOTHING for us. Brooklyn that has had nice tranquil neighborhoods have now become free for all's with loud air traffic. This has to stop, it is absolutely maddening already. One cannot even go out for a nice stroll along a park without heraring the offensive sounds of air traffic. It is appauling that our elected officials are doing noting for us at all.
  301. they are ALL in the airlines' pockets.
  302. What is Schumer, Gillibrand doing? Nothing! It's time to kick them out of office.
  303. The legislators are in the airlines' pockets. This is criminal what is happening in Brooklyn!
  304. Why aren't our legislators doing anything about this?
  305. Why is this happening to us? Why are our elected officials doing nothing at all to help the hundreds of thousands of Brooklyn residents that have now been FORCED to see, hear, and smell these very low flying planes every 40 seconds all day long? Flying un-necessarily so low, which makes it even more intollerabe. At least fly highe, that in itself would be a big help.... There should be no excuse for this. The FAA should not be above the law, the quality of lives for all the tax paying citizens of the communities effected should come first, not airplanes?
  306. here we go again, yet another night and all my family hears is the roar of an airplane flying over our home of 30 years. every 40 seconds another plane roars by. the FAA should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this. marty markowitz our borough president has not even addressed this as of yet, where is he. please someone must help all us residents, I dont want my children breathing in jet fuel on a daily basis
  307. Here in Sunset park, 2nd Ave and 45th Street, I can pratically touch the planes as they fly by in a constant 35 seconds apart. It is all day long here, to fly clear across brooklyn yo get to laGuardia, they should be flying higher, the lowness if absolutely appauling. Does the FAA think they are exempt for changing the flight paths over residential neighborhoods without anyone knowledge? What is Schummer and Gillibrand doing for us?, obviously nothing. it is going on a year now, and we still have these terrible flights all day long constant. something has to be done, there is no reason for the planes to be flying this low.
  308. I think if the planes flew higher it would really help the residents a great deal. I see no reason for these airplanes to be flying so low. The FAA seem to think it is OK to just implement a new flight path with no regards to any of hundreds of thousands of residents of these neighborhoods. newsflash: airplane noise is not a pleasant sound. It is drowning, deafning, and completely disturbing. To think our elected officials have done nothing is absolutely amazing, they must have their heads under a rock. We need the flight paths changed to get away from our neighborhoods here in Brooklyn. Our skies have become nothing but a constant complete roar all day long, this is absolutely unfair, and should not be happening.
  309. I agree, what the FAA has done to us is and should be criminal. I see these planes fly clear across all of Brooklyn. I likve in bath beach, and see them fly overhead, i work in Sunset park, they fly over 2-5th Aves, then i go to the gym after work at Union Atreet and 5th Ave, and they fly over there as well. i cannot get asway from them. I am so sick of seeing and hearing the constant roar or an airplane. This needs to be addressed and soon. Every 30 seconds a plane flies by, this is un acceptable. Summer will be upon us and people will not even be able to open windows or sit in the back yard. it is even unpleaseant to walk along the Avenues and hear these planse fly by one after the other all day long, constant. where are our officials? what do they have thier heads up their asses?????
  310. A number of years ago, at great expense I might add, we installed a series of lovely waterfalls and a Koi pond in our backyard. Not only did we love and enjoy it, but, all our neighbors thanked us for the wonderful sound of nature that we had given them. We have been so distressed by the constant noise of the air traffic over head that we have turned off the waterfalls. Sitting in our yard is now so unpleasant the as of late we have given away our fish. I think what the FAA has done to us is criminal. I can't understand why the officials we have elected and supported have not taken up our cause. Please hear us and rectify this outrage.
  311. The airplane noise that we hear on 12th Street off of Prospect Park West has adversely affected our quality of life, our health and our property values. If twenty-six years ago, when we were deciding to purchased this house, the airplanes were flying directly over this house -- We would NEVER have purchased it. If at that time I wanted to find a less expense home, I might have opted for a home near a airport or under an active flight path -- but we didn't. We chose to spend more for a home on a quiet street in this lovely, quiet, landmarked neighborhood -- Park Slope. Without any regard to the citizens and without any public input from the residents the FAA as if by divine right saddled us with this burden. Any attempt we made to express our concerns have been met by out right lies that nothing had changed. Well, residents of many years know this is an outright lie. Please address this injustice.
  312. The noise is bad, but what we are breathing is worse!! Benzene, PAHs, Aldehydes, Acetone, Acetylene, Chromium, Xylenes. Mercury,Nickel, Toluene,Phenois, Cresol, Ground glass. In the jet fuel, dumped upon us every forty seconds, for up to twenty hours a day!!
  313. Again, I post this, as i walk to my gym in Park Slope on Union. I see and hear these ridiculously low flying planes. they put me in a bad mood. is there something wrong with our elected officials, marty Markowits, schummer?, why arent they doing anything about this. i am not convinced for a safe landing this aircraft needs to be flying this low. I go home to bath beach and along the way i see the exact route the planes fly, they start over 20th ave and cropsey and head all through brooklyn, thus diusturbing hundreds of thousands of residents. I see them clear as day in my neighborhhod, where we NEVER had any air traffic what so ever. this is totally unfair that the routes were changed and not even letting the pulic know.
  314. Monday, February 25. Another day and night of constant low flying planes over Park Slope. I hear them roaring over me, walking to the subway in the morning, again walking home at night, and again now at 11:30 pm. Although I know he is not dumb, maybe Senator Schumer is deaf. Certainly, he has been deaf to our complaints about low flying planes in Brooklyn.
  315. Good morning from the flatbush area of brooklyn (it's only 5 a.m.) yet plane traffic is one every minute or so. It's very noisy and too close and bothersome. Why is nothing being done? Some of us do mind sir(s) about the noise. Thank you.
  316. again, i post this as nothing is being done about the new flight paths the FAA is forced down our throats. I do not live anywhere near an airport, yet i have to endure airplanes flying near my home every 30 seconds. This is simply maddening. It is frightening and offensive. It is unfair and is ruining the quality of thousands of tax paying citizens lives. Our officials seem to be doing nothing since these planes have been re routed for over a year ago. Airplanes flyiing in the same route at a constant 30 second interval is not acceptable. there has to be some sort of compromise. I cannot believe that the airplanes must fly this low for a safe landing. The airplanes have been landing safley for decades before this new Nextgen. make the planes fly higher, maybe this can solve the terrible noise issue
  317. The noise from low-flying aircraft this morning has been especially bothersome (and that is in addition to the already awful levels of noise I have had to endure since the FCC unveiled the NextGen plan.) Why do the planes have to fly so low and often? They are literally 30 seconds apart. The noise disrupts my sleep and pervades my life. Plus the air quality is definitely worse than it was. Please do an a noise and air quality study NOW. These low-flying airplanes are ruining my quality of life.
  318. Hello, here it is almost a month since the last post and I have planes above my neighborhood in flatbush every other minute. It started as once every half hour now it is so constant and the fumes that came into my home. Disgusting! Why is nothing being done if they do not need to fly and so low at that. Please help!
  319. When is something going to be done about the low flying aircraft completely over Brooklyn? This is getting to the point of ridiculous. Every 30 seconds a plane flies by? Is this supposed to be fair, or right?, making all the residents of Brooklyn having to endure the noise and pollution of airplanes all day every day, constant. la Guardia is completely across brooklyn, yet the planes have to fly over our beloved Borough? This is not acceptable, it just isnt, our elected officials really need to focus and do something about this. This is noise pollution. What is our illegal 3rd term Mayor doing about this?, nothing, he is to busy endorsing micro apartments...
  320. Dear Senator Schumer, Since you live here, you must have noticed the unbearable noise in Park Slope and Prospect Park. Please do something about this. Start with an independent noise study, and follow up sensible solutions. Brooklyn and Queens deserve peace just as much as Manhattanites.
  321. I think this is awful that we tax paying residents have to hear airplanes roar completely across Brooklyn to get to la Guardia at these awfully low altitudes every 30 seconds apart. Every 30 seconds a plane flies by my building, it is simply maddening............what are our elected officials doing about this?
  322. I live in Carroll Gardens.I can't sleep, it's so loud. And there are planes constantly I have to turn the TV up because I can't hear it. And the air quality is awful. It's like living on a highway. This needs to stop.
  323. If the planes could fly higher, wouldnt that solve the wole problem. we can have peace and quiet, and the FAA can still have their routes... But to hear loud airplanes fly one after the other at 30 seconds apart all day long constant, is simply un acceptable Why is this still even happening, doesnt anyone of our elected officials hear this as well. Brooklyn has turned into horrible skies latley, I watch planes fly every which way, it is incrediblelly annoying, invasive and offensive....
  324. here we are, another night, and they planes are like a free for all. one after the other, all in a row, flyingin in the same path one after the other. did the FAA think that just maybe this would become a nusiance to the residents of all of Brooklyn that these planes fly. I mean they are flying to laGuardia, thus flying completely over brooklyn, anybody ever think this might disrupt the neighborhoods. just make the planes fly hugher, wouldnt that solve the whole problem??????
  325. we are over here at 21st and 86th Street, and we too are hearing and seeing there extra low flyinf planes. They are too low, it is frightening to see, let alone hear. it sounds like a war zone. We had a nice quiet neighborhood for 30 years and more, yet now, every 45 seconds there is anothe r plane. This is absolutely offiensive and rude, not to mention horrible to listen too all day long. It is totally ruining the quality of lives for all the brooklyn residents because these low flying plane fly completely over all of Brooklyn, What is this?, this is not fair, why wasnt the public notified of this. the FAA should be ashamed of themselves. Please our elected officials must help us
  326. I live on 84th street and 11th ave, and we are suffering terrible noise from near constant air traffic. It's disruptive and offensive. Something must be done about this as it is ruining the quality of life over here. Once in a while is understandable, but this has become outrageous, with planes passing overhead at a low altitude and very loudly every few minutes. Please do something about this!
  327. Granted I've been out of the neighborhood for the last six months, but I know that planes were never this low flying over Prospect Park. Can anyone please explain what happened and who is behind it?
  328. Action needs to be taken. I read some article that said this change in route is coming from people in Connecticut complaining about that former airplane route. Something needs to be done. I, too, have a toddler, and it is equally disturbing and unhealthy for him and us.
  329. My husband and 10 month old son moved to Windsor Terrace in April, 2012 before we knew how awful it is to live in the flight path. My 10 month old is obsessed with airplanes now and sometimes the planes flying overhead is so loud it wakes him up from his naps. The constant noise is also driving me crazy (like so many other people on this site). It is def not an attraction if you are looking for places to buy or rent in this area. I rent, but if I were a home owner I would be livid. At least we can move away and find a better location which is not in a flight path. Aren't there any rules that govern where planes can and can't fly over neighborhoods?
  330. here it is saturday night 9:48, as I see planes flying by one after the other, I am counting 35 seconds apart, one after the other, with no end in site. FAA, where are you, do you have any idea how irritating planes are flying at there unbelieveablw low altitudes, whats with that? can they fly any higher?, maybe that would help with the noise, in fact it would. why cant these planes fly higher the way they used to instead of annoying all of brooklyn
  331. oh come on already with these freaking airplanes, flying every freakin 40 seconds, one after the other all freaking day and night. Cant somebody make it stop. laguardia airport is ruining thousands of residents in Brooklyn because of the low flying kets, make the freaking planes fy highr, whats the problem. residents do not want to hear loud airplanes flying in our skies, enough alreaydy, it is making me crazy!!!!
  332. I live in Windsor Terrace and the aircraft noise is extremely unbearable!! There's a plane that flies by every minute. After a plane flies by, the noise lingers on and follows by another incoming plane. So it's noisy all day long from morning to late night. This is so ridiculous.
  333. Why are there planes flying so low? What was wrong with the way they were before? Why must all these brooklyn residents have to endure the constant jets flying about every 45 seconds or so all day long non stop. This is just awful, why havent our city officials done anything to re route these planes or at least rotate them so they are not flying over the same area over and over and over all freaking day long at 45 seconds apart. Our quality of life here in brooklyn is slowly diminishing there are planes flying right now as this is being written at 45 seconds apart.... Please someone has to help us residents to make this stop.
  334. Unbeleiveable that us Brooklyn residents have to list to the constant roaring of these jets flying completely over Brooklyn at such low altitudes, that we can actually see the colors on the planes. Does the FAA even think that maybe hearing a plane fly feet about your home evert 60 seconds could possibly be annoying. It is horiffice to listen to this horrible noise all day and night long. our city officials are doing nothing for ua, we should not have to be subject to this type of living. Our mayor is worthless, as he has no care for quality of life, just the almighty buck.
  335. I live with my wife and newborn (6 months)in Prospect Heights. The noise from low-flying aircraft constantly disturbs and wakes my little one -- don't you people understand you are destroying life as we know it in Brooklyn? Is the increased number of flights into La Guardia really worth the drop in property values and loss of tax revenue? Don't you realize you are driving people out of the City? I'm sure if the politicians and FAA officials who direct these aircraft had them flying as constantly over their homes as they are over ours, something would be done. Something must be done. People are abandoning Brooklyn and our family is not far behind. . .
  336. The noise above my house in Bed Stuy is also terrible,and constant! Please conduct the noise study!
  337. In South Slope, we are now being subjected to the constant whine of passenger jets cruising low over the Prospect Park corridor, creeping ever westwards towards 4th Avenue. At least once a minute, a new sortie flies over. This, in addition to the constant drone of low-flying prop planes and helicopters on the weekends. Our once bucolic neighborhood is now a flying circus! I just want to remind my representatives that Delta and United don't cast votes in elections, but we do — and we will have a long memory over what actions you do or don't take to mitigate this important issue.
  338. I am sitting on the 2nd fl of my home trying to work, with planes flying over every 30 seconds. I feel like I am being tortured. My husband and I are looking at houses elsewhere next week. Brooklyn should be a great place to live and I have always loved it here. But I don't want to live like this. You politicians should do something!
  339. Sunday, October 21, 2012. It is 9:11 pm, planes have been flying every 30 seconds since 10 am today. One after the other, non stop, every 30 seconds. This is in Bath Beach Went to park Slope, and over 7th Ave planes were flying so low, and also every 30 seconds. This is ruining our neighborhoods, the noise is ruining our quality of life. Please chanege the flight paths to the way they were, we never had air traffice to this extent, it is God Awful. It is so disturbing to hear the roaring sound of an airplane, all day long non stop. Something has to be done, it is really a blight on all of Brooklyn, since any plane going to LaGuardia has to pass over the ENTIRE borough of Brooklyn. Why not just let the planes fly higher, that would make everyone happy instead of so low....
  340. Beginning about 3 weeks ago, airplanes started to fly over my home in Prospect Heights, low enough to drown out the sound of my TV or radio, and passing by EVERY 2-3 MINUTES!!!! This starts early in the morning, and continues until almost 10pm! It's extremely stressful to live, and try to work, with this constant, intrusive, excessive NOISE!!! There's plenty of scientific evidence that noise damages health. Is this what we want for our green, 'peaceful', residential neighborhoods? I think not! Please, change the flight paths to what they were for the other 22 years that I've lived here!
  341. here in Sunset park i see the planes flying every 40 seconds , i can see the in the sky, one right behind the other. why cant they just fly higher like they did before.'it is really ruining the quality of life for all the residnets of brooklyn, do the politicians have any idea of how annoying and disturbing it is to listen to pone plane fly by every 40 seconds all day non stop. please help us, something must be done
  342. I moved to Windsor Terrace with my husband from Manhattan seeking quality of life and quiet. Up until four years ago that was the case. Now, it is unbearable with the constant stream of low aircraft crop-dusting our backyard and waking us every day at 6:30 a.m. and going until after midnight. Listen up Marty Markowitz and senators: we are leaving Brooklyn! We officially listed our brownstone for sale and are committed to vacating what was once a peaceful respite. You are shameful and despicable. There is a loud chorus of tax paying residents calling for a change to the way the FAA routes airplanes and all you can do is sing your mantras (Markowitz) about how Brooklyn is a great place to live and the you are commited to change (Schumer) but nothing every happens. You can be assured that we will be broadcasting very loudly to our friends and neighbors that Brooklyn's legislators and Senators are no friend of ours or the environment.
  343. Prospect Park is one of the best features in Brooklyn -- please don't let it continue to be ruined by noise pollution.
  344. This message is to our legislators and those who work with the FAA and Port Authority: thanks for making our family's life so miserable with your low-flying, constant stream of aircraft and it's concurrent pollution over Brooklyn, that myself, my wife and our three daughters are moving out of Brooklyn. Your loud, disruptive low-flying toxin-spewing aircraft affect the lives, health and well-being of hundreds of thousands of Brooklyn residents. It's good riddance to Brooklyn. We put our condo up for sale last week and we are outa here -- have a nice day!
  345. There is enough evidence that noise levels and exposure have significantly increased in multiple neighborhoods in both Brooklyn and Queens. Where is the FAA or PA study of the health effects of noise and air quality impacts of this action? Where is the NEPA documentation? Community outreach? Study of alternatives? A noise study makes sense when there is no experimental evidence. A low flying plane every 30 seconds during the day and night hours is enough data. We all know it's way louder than before. Instead of a noise study we should be looking for legal council.
  346. Why is Prospect Park West singled out as a jet path so much of the time? The noise is constant and deafening; you can hear the planes flying over tonight at a rate of one every ten seconds. Why do they have to fly so low? Why can't the paths be varied more often? I appreciate the effort of Quiet Skies to get attention for this matter.
  347. the noise of aircrafts from La Guardian airport is killing me now. the frequency and volumn of flights is untolerable. almost 3 or 4 days in a week, aircrafts flew very low over my building (61-20 woodside ave, queens). the noise usually lasts from early in the morning around 7:00am till midnight. I have to suffer it sometimes during weekend, especially staturdays. I couldn't concentrate on studies or readings, and my phone calls with family and friends often got interrupted. the noise has created a lot of stress on me and it has impaire my mental health. I sincerely request Port authority or sky noise watchdogs to make an investigation. the La Guardian airport needs to explain the traffic patterns, options for a wider geographic landing/departing air space, as well as possible compensation for victims. the noise create
  348. Here in Dyker Hts the planes are flying every 40 seconds or so. One after the other, a loud roar goes by. What is with the lowness of these planes lately, they are really disturbing. If it were every half hour, you can kinda deal with it, but every 40 seconds is insanity. It seems like people have no quality of life anymore as the planes have taken over ever since the flight patterns were changed at LGA. It isn;t fiar, this must be stopped. Why cant the planes go back to the way they were 2 years ago when they flew huigher up in the sky and no one heard them. Hearing airplanes roar one after the other, every 40 seconds is not a pleasant thing to listen to. There are thousands of residents that this is effecting and annoying. Please something must be done to stop this
  349. I support the noise study. The noise here in Bay Ridge this morning was ridiculous every 30 seconds!
  350. Neither the FAA or Laguardia or JFK own the airways over my building nor should they be able to fly so low and impact my quality of life. My newborn cannot get quality sleep and obviously there is a pollutant aspect to the constant airplanes and helicopters overhead. They do not own my air rights and I, nor my neighbors, have not been consulted on this. Unless our senators and local representatives act on this now, a class action lawsuit will most likely be filed implicating the airports as well as all government representatives as being complicit. There are plenty of other flight patterns to take that will prove just as effective without impacting quality of life. This current solution is simply lazy and driven by the economics of the airlines.
  351. I moved to Woodside because it was peaceful. But it seems this is not the case. The noise from the airplanes comes over my apt. building every 46 seconds. PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO HELP!
  352. I am writing this in the southern portion of Park Slope, on a Sunday morning at 9am. Normally, it's quiet enough for me to sleep later. However, the helicopter and low lying planes started around 8am and have been going non-stop. They are disturbing and a nuisance. Watch property values go down if this continues! Makes me think of moving. A once quiet lovely NYC neighborhood should not turn into LA!
  353. I live in Park Slope -- not far from where Senator Schumer lives in Park Slope -- and I am flabbergasted that the NY Senator who trots around in the media as the savior of consumer rights, liberal causes and environmental justice continues to ignore, deflect, counter-spin and turn his head the other way for his constituents and the people of New York. This aircraft noise problem is NOT just a Park Slope or Brooklyn issue. It affects hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers. We New Yorkers deserve more from our spineless senators and representatives. We will not forget his forgetfulness when it comes time to de-elect Schumer and the rest of his coterie. Of course I am for an independent noise study; I am also for holding our elected officials accountable for being asleep at the wheel.
  354. I live in Windsor Terrace and the recently re-routed planes are adding almost constant noise to the neighborhood. I'mght not a complainer but this is ridiculous. I can literally hear them all day and night. This is a residential neighborhood -- we shoulnd't have to deal with this.
  355. Please get the plane re routed like they used to be. Instead of seeing the planes in the distance they are now closer and lower, thus hearing them. They fly 30 seconds apart all day long. It is simply maddening. Please someone has to do something about this. listening to aircraft at 30 seconds apart is horrible, let alone all the jet fuel we are breathing in, and the mayor is worried about second hand smoke.
  356. I live in the Flushing / Kew gardens hills area and the noise from planes at LaGuardia has become unbearable at times. They seem to fly alot lower (thus much noiseier) and at a much more repetitive rate than they used to several years ago. In my living room nowadays, I have to stop talking to people in the same room and let the plane pass. I can not even hear or speak to people in the same room with me. They never used to come directly overhead and so low. If they stayed over the flushing meadow corridor like was originally intended it wouldnt be so bad. We get barraged by the planes less than 1 minute apart at times. Please push to have independent noise studies performed as well as environmental impact studies. This goes on for a good part of the day every day lately. Just as my vehicle has to have a muffler to make it meet noise standards, the FAA and Port Authority should be held accountable for the noise pollution they are creating.
  357. It seems like plane fly especially low in the nicer weather -- is it possible that's true? I would be great if there was a way to keep the planes higher or reroute them. I'd support of study. I fear this would just create the same problem for a different neighborhood, or make the planes use more fuel, costing more in terms of money and the environment. But maybe there's a way to improve the approach!
  358. I recently lost my father and took some time off from work. I decided to spend some of the afternoons in Prospect Park exercising and walking and was shocked to find that in the mid-afternoon, there are planes flying over the park roughly every minute and a half to two minutes. I live one block from the park and have two kids and can't believe that we are essentially living below a highway. As someone who travels a lot for work, I understand the need for airline efficiency/safety/profit etc. but there's got to be a solution that does not subject the neighborhoods of Brooklyn to a constant barrage of noise and pollution from planes and at least lessens the volume of aircraft flying directly over our homes. I believe that this is not some act of nature - somebody created this flight path and allowed planes to fly above this often, therefore somebody can make a decision to alleviate this threat to the health and well-being of the citizens of Brooklyn.
  359. Here in bensonhurst as I type this, planes are flying every 30 seconds, I can see them and hear them clear as day from my kitchen. It is terribly annoying and very disruptive to everyday life. Just when it gets quiet for a few seconds the next plane roars by. Something has to be done about this, all the tenants have been noticinh the excessive plane noise. I hate air traffic noise
  360. I work in Manhattan and i have recently noticed how low the planes are flying here and in Brooklyn where i reside. Every time i see one of these extremely low flying planes i have a panic attack. Ever since 9/11 i have developed a terrible phobia, and these low flying planes are really causing me mental stress!
  361. I support an independent noise and environmental study of the LGA flight paths.
  362. The overwhelming noise of planes flying over my apartment EVERY 30 SECONDS is UNBEARABLE. I have lived in this apartment for 8 years but now I can't even think straight. It starts at 6am and continues throughout the day. I work from home, so it is also affecting my livelihood. Additionally, I have awoken with a raw throat each morning and it must be due to the ever-present exhaust. And no birds sing in my backyard anymore because the noise is relentless. PLEASE CHANGE THE FLIGHT PATTERNS TO THE WAY THEY WERE!!!!!!!!!
  363. I Just moved into Park Slope and the noise from planes is a nightmare.. They go directly over our house, we are woken up often when they fly extra low, and I don't even want to think about what I'm breathing and ingesting with the pollution raining down on us from the plane exhaust. Please do something!!
  364. The new flight patterns are awful. I live in Kew Gardens and the noise is unbearable. Please change the flight patterns back to what they were. It's known to be unhealthy to live with such noise. Please do something!!!
  365. I support Prospect Park Quiet Skies efforts, it's past time FAA decisions reflect the will of the people.
  366. Please help us get some relief from the increasing air-traffic noise. Thank you.
  367. I live in Bayside Queens and for the past several weeks the noise from low flying planes has been unbearable. At times there is a plane every minute. This is a quality of life issue. Any help you can give would be appreciated.
  368. The residents of Nassau County are being bombarded with aircraft noise and low flying planes since the inception of the airport redesign project. No environmental study has been done and it is up to the legislators to enforce regulations and support their constituency otherwise we will put people into office who will.
  369. This senseless bombardment of thundering, low-flying planes is destroying any sense of tranquility in our lives. To continue this disregard for people's welfare at any cost so that a particular air redesign can be implemented goes beyond the misunderstood and is unforgivable! If you cannot repeal the law then at least insist on mandatory environmental testing by an impartial company and the law will repeal itself!
  370. It is July 19, 2012, I live in Bedfor Stuyvesant and in the last 10 minutes there have been 4 planes that have flew over causing a great deal of noise. This is becoming more common and highly disturbing. To be home on a hot summer day with the windows open, and unable to hold a phone conversation because of the noise level is unacceptable. Please find a solution ASAP. This is not healthy living.
  371. Please help us to change the flight path so that planes do not fly over Park Slope. We are still traumatized by the events of 9/11 and feel it is unsafe. One day one of these planes will crash into this highly populated area. This is not fair for the residents of Brooklyn!
  372. I am again commenting. Joe Crowley, our elected congressman, on April 11, 2012, along with Bloomberg, etc. helped Delta, at La Guardia to expand! Look up his report on La Guardia Airport: La Guardia Airport Can the Airport and the Community Coexist? His testimony to congress when he was running for office. He had my vote back then. He and family lived in Maspeth. They no longer do. Wonder why?? Will NOT vote for him again!
  373. I am a resident of Maspeth NY (Queens) and I commiserate with the residents of Park Slope/Brooklyn. The new air traffic pattern is appalling and absolutely unbearable. Every minute an aircraft passes approximately 500 feet from the roof of my house. This is an assault on civil rights and puts highly populated areas at risk. Who made it ok for aircrafts to fly over thousands of people and communities as opposed to the water/sea routes that they used before? How is that logical? This situation needs to be corrected immediately.
  374. now here in Bath Beach I see the planes so low and so close I hear thehm, loud and clear...every 30 seconds, one after the other, it never stops. this is awful. this was a sleepy neighborhood and the low flying aircraft is maddening, I cant take it anymore. Also Park Slope the planes are even lower and louder, it is unacceptable that thousands of residents have to tollerate this nonsense with the loudness. please someone help us re rout these loud planes they are ruining the quality of all the residents
  375. After living here on Prospect Pl and Classon for several years, the plane traffic overhead has suddenly gone from 20 or planes per day to 20 planes per hour. Yes, a plane every 3 minutes. They are low-flying, loud, air-polluting commercial airliners. The sound is deafening, maddening. Please respond with words and action. That you, Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, and Transporation Secretary Ray La Hood, have received so many complaints means that you are aware of the problem yet you have not addressed it. STOP avoiding this issue and ignoring Brooklyn inhabitants' quality of life. I know that Senator Schumer addressed the problem of helicopter noise (February 18, 2011: SCHUMER’S LONG ISLAND HELICOPTER NOISE REG REQUIREMENT INCLUDED IN FAA REAUTHORIZATION THAT PASSED SENATE LAST NIGHT; MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH FORCES FAA TO IMPLEMENT FINAL NOISE REGS WITHIN 12 MONTHS ). But will you respond to complaints about air traffic pollution from these low-flying planes over Prospect Heights?
  376. How can it be so loud in prospect heights when lga is not even that close? It drowns out conversations. Can it switch around every few years maybe so that other neighborhoods share in this issue and it's not just us?
  377. Noise from these planes begins at 6 a.m. and continues until 2 a.m. the next day! The planes come over 40 seconds apart. I cannot live in my own home. The smell and taste of the fuel is disgusting. I as a property owner can not live in my home. When residents on my block have complained to Bosco's Office, he has sent PA police to our homes to intimidate us into stopping our "annoying" phone calls which "upset" his receptionist! When we complain to our elected representatives nothing is done. We were told thatLa G will be expanded so that jumbo jets can take off and land. If it is this bad now what will happen in the future if nothing is done. HELP!!!!!!
  378. I am a resident of Bed- Stuy, Brooklyn and have noticed a marked increase in air traffic noise to and from LaGuardia airport. I am currently battling a cold and can't get needed sleep because of the incessant noise. I wholly support and independent study of the noise in these affected Brooklyn neighborhoods which have been suffering from current FAA decisions regarding fight routes over New York City
  379. I tried to work on a homework assignment on a nice Friday morning in the park, but could not do it at all because my concentration was interrupted every 20 seconds by the roar of the planes flying overhead.
  380. The planes are awful to listen to one after the other after the other after the other, non stop. why cant they be re routed over the water? The planes flying so low over pS, I can almost wave to the people. This isnt right and it isnt fair we need to do something about this.
  381. I'm a Bed-Stuy parent, home owner, and registered voter, and I'm OUTRAGED by the health risks my family is forced to take every day. The noise and air pollution created by planes flying over Bed-Stuy is intolerable. Elected officials: support an independent noise study for the benefit and well-being of your constituents!
  382. I support an independent noise study on air traffic over Bed-Stuy and Brooklyn. My child plays outside on a regular basis and I want her to be able to play without the health risks imposed by constant air traffic.
  383. This would never be allowed over Manhattan. Enough said.
  384. I'm going crazy hearing low-flying planes every minute of the day in my work and home neighborhoods. At first it was great, because my young son loves planes and liked to count them. Once I realized the implications of such air traffic, I became sickened by the idea of air and noise pollution in the places I spend all of my time, especially in the park, which is supposed to be a place of relaxation. Please do something to improve the health and well being of Park Slope and Bed-Stuy residents!
  385. I live near Grand Army Plaza.......the increased air traffick is affecting my health very negatively. I learned from this website that it is TOTALLY REMEDIABLE! PLEASE DO SOMETHING
  386. As a long time resident of Park Slope I am alarmed at the number of low flying planes that pass over my neighborhood and the amount of noise they make. I find it hard to believe that a study done by the port authority says that the level of noise is acceptable because at certain times when a plane is passing over my home the noise is VERY loud. I ask that an independent study be done when the FAA is not aware that levels...
  387. There is a continuous sound in our Bed Stuy neighborhood that sounds like the universe forgot to eat lunch and is holding a mic up to its rumbling stomach. There is a high probability that this long-term noise AND air pollution combined will have an affect on the population. It is just a matter of whether or not legislators care enough to do something about it.
  388. Dear legislator, By allowing air traffic to be focused over the same communities over and over you are allowing our physical and financial health to be damaged. Do you want to: 1) poison all the babies in Park Slope with air pollution and damage their sensitive ears with dangerous levels of noise? 2) halt home sales in Bed Stuy and put a damper on new businesses opening up? 3) spoil a peaceful picnic in Prospect Park? 4) all of the above? You have chosen unwisely. I will be looking to see who discusses this topic before I cast my next ballot.
  389. I support the independent noise study, it is time to finally acknowledge the noise problem and seek some kind of resolution.
  390. I just bought a house in Bed Stuy and now that we have a yard and A/C window units I can hear plane after plane fly over very close above. I can pretty much hear at least 1 plane every minute. It is amazing. Planes need to take a variety of routes - not the same one OVER & OVER!!! Plane after plane after plane... there goes another one.
  391. I moved to Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn because I wanted some peace and quiet. This otherwise sleepy neighborhood is constantly disrupted - and I mean constantly, every minute or two - by low-flying aircraft which, it turns out, are violating federal noise pollution levels. I demand an independent noise study of the entire area, and that the FAA provide a solution that does not involve subjecting one line of residents to a nonstop air pollution highway.
  392. We recently moved to Clinton Hill (from UWS) and the ONLY drawback we've encountered has been the crazy noise from the planes and helicopters. I thought it was a fluke our first day and now I realize it's constant and maddening, With a young son and another on the way, I hope it will be taken seriously as a quality of life issue by our representatives. It literally spoils otherwise lovely and tranquil neighborhoods!
  393. The awful sound above our neighborhood is unbearable. It is time for our elected officials to do something about this noise. I will not vote for anyone that does not take action on this. It is probably about time that we get rid of these perpetual incumbents like the borough president.
  394. My head is throbbing, my shoulders are tight, my jaw is clenched all because the constant, always-present roar of jets over my home. Now, it's nearly summer again which means I'll need to barricade myself in the a/c whether I want/need to or not. How long until a goose incapacitates one of these planes or an air controller is asleep in the tower or any number of catastrophes could occur while they're flying overhead?
  395. We want a study & we want things to be fair. I've lived here all my life & in recent years the noise has been much worse. I live near the park & it sounds like they are flying low outside my window. It also makes it hard to enjoy a quiet day in the park with my son.
  396. The aircraft noise is unrelenting over prospect park. The FAA should distribute the flight paths so we don't hear an aircraft every minute from 6.30am to 11pm.
  397. Here in Windsor Terrace on the southwest corner of Prospect Park we frequently have ear-shattering aircraft noise as early as 6:30AM until as late as midnight. It is outrageous that we have to live with low-flying jet noise night and day. I have written letters to elected officials for seven years and the situation has only gotten worse. We neeed an independent noise study and we need it now!
  398. PLEASE do something to decrease the noise from low-flying planes. It's noticeably worse than it was when we moved here three years ago. Sometimes it wakes our small children, who can sleep through thunderstorms. And the windows are closed. Thank you.
  399. The FAA's "Noise Exposure Tables" spreadsheets projected a decibel increase of .1 decibel for those in the direct redesigned flight path - based on what? This is clearly not the case! There's been a marked and LOUD increase in airplane noise in Bay Ridge, and I find it infuriating (though perhaps unsurprising)to discover that the FAA made these changes without doing any kind of environmental impact study to see how residents in the flight path would actually be affected. We absolutely need an independent noise study to prove the FAA's violation of the National Environmental Policy Act order 1050.1E, so that we can demand a change with the force of science behind us.
  400. I would certainly like to live in a quieter environment and air traffic is one source of noise pollution but not the only one. If possible it would be informative to get an idea of the overall pattern of planes flying in and out the city then it would be more clear what percentage of air traffic is affecting Brooklyn residents. At the very least we should have a discussion about the options available to us as residents and as travelers.
  401. We need an independent noise study as the first step in addressing the awful, longstanding problem of planes flying low, in a continual parade, over Park Slope and Prospect Park!!!!
  402. Please conduct an investigation on the TRUE noise levels over Brooklyn. I know planes must land, but there has to be a better solution. Can the neighborhoods take turns getting the planes overhead? It seems Park Slope bears the brunt of air traffic.
  403. Please help us with this noise! Thank you
  404. I support an independent noise study. The noise is unrelenting.
  405. PLEASE, the noise is so bad, at times my windows rattle. As far as LOW flying, I feel I could just about get a bag of peanuts from the passengers. I mean, really planes should not be flying so low you can see every detail. I also once noticed a plane discharging water? flying just over Prospect Expressway Fourth Avenue area. Something must be done. It's no party. It is dangerous and really takes away the joy of enjoying a peaceful afternoon. The plane traffic is heavy almost constant high or low.
  406. Please pass some legislation to help decrease the noise that airplanes cause in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
  407. For too long the health and quality of life concerns of the residents of Bedstuy have been ignored. Instead the interest of the airlines have been the focus of the Port Authority and FAA administrators. We cannot rely on these agencies to have our best interest at heart when it comes to the detrimental effects of constant low flying airplanes over our neighborhoods. We need and independent noise study to verify our ascertions and prove that we are indeed being harmed by inordinate decible levels and increased pollution.
  408. The noise from the low flying planes in Bed Stuy is almost constant. It interferes with enjoyment of our outdoor space and my sleep. I have complained to the Port Authority and they have done nothing. We must have an independent study done to prove the impact it is having on community members lives.
  409. Asking the Port and the FAA to conduct noise monitoring is like asking the foxes to guard the henhouse. The FAA has lied to congress in claiming that their "NEXT GEN" technology will be used to lessen noise and air pollution. Quite the contrary, the FAA will continue to lie and manipulate to appease the demands of the Airlines at the expense of those living under the flight patterns.
  410. It is obvious planes are flying lower and more frequently. Health issues and economic issues for residents with regard to property values being lowered as a result should be addressed as well. Quality of life and the environment will be deeply impacted as a result of continued and excessive fight traffic into the city. This should be a priority.
  411. Do something about the airplane noise that consistently is affecting brooklyn residents.
  412. I am a Clinton Hill resident and increasingly concerned and fed up with the noice levels generated through extremly low flying air planes. We need an independant noise study, which will certainly proof that the noice is above the currently legal 65 decibel. I am very concerned about the health and environmental impact. airports should not be allowed to grow unsustainable without any independant studies on the impact of the surrounding communities. We need a nightime curfew for air traffic like so many international cities have imposed.
  413. As a long time resident of Park Slope I am alarmed at the number of low flying planes that pass over my neighborhood and the amount of noise they make. I find it hard to believe that a study done by the port authority says that the level of noise is acceptable because at certain times when a plane is passing over my home the noise is VERY loud. I ask that an independent study be done when the FAA is not aware that levels...
  414. The noise from jets above our part of Bed Stuy is consistently above safe levels. The awful sound is almost constant as one fades away another one starts. This will continue affect property values and quality of life in this historic neighborhood. The FAA and Port Authority must stop ignoring the human impact of their decisions.
  415. Brooklyn residents hear the airplane noise loud and clear every day but our representatives are not hearing us. The constant noise is harmful to the health and well being of Brooklyn residents and has continued and been ignored by our representatives much too long. This is unfair and solutions must be found.