You might also be interested in these other organizations:

Huntington Beach, CA. -- Help reduce aircraft noise in Huntington Beach, Califorina, and neighboring communities

Sky Posse Palo Alto -- Help reduce aircraft noise over Palo Alto and neighboring communities

NoPlanes.US -- LaGuna Niguel, Southern California -- Blog about aircraft noise and pollution affecting New Yorkers and the surrounding communities.

Aviation Impact Reform -- Former FAA air traffic controller with deep knowledge of NextGen explains alternatives (he is also an ATC whistleblower with an interesting story showing deep FAA corruption).

ProspectParkQuietSkies.Org -- Brooklyn and surrounding areas impacted by heavy JFK and LGA airport noise.

Our Skies National Coalition -- National coalition comprised of U.S. advocacy groups.

FAIR Chicago -- Chicagoan's fight to restore quieter skies over their homes and their battle with O'Hare's deafening air traffic.

NJCAAN -- information on New Jersey Aircraft Noise and Pollution

Quieter Skies Task Force Seattle -- information on the Quieter Skies network in Seattle

BRRAM -- Bucks Residents For Responsible Airport Management (BRRAM)

Montgomery County Quiet Skies Coalition - located in Montgomery County, Maryland and affected by Reagan National Airport (DCA)

CAAN -- Citizens for the Abatement of Aircraft Noise (based in the Washington, D.C. area)

Los Angeles:

Charlotte, NC:

Ealing Aircraft Noise Action Group:

No Aircraft Noise:

Toronto Aviation Noise Group (T.A.N.G.):

Organizing Community-Based Groups to Reduce Airport:

Americans against aviation impacts:

West Calgary Air Traffic Concerns: