Below you will find some excerpts from the lease between NYC and the Port Authority of New York / New Jersey.

NYC (i.e., the City Council) is the landlord of JFK and LGA airports.

They get, in addition to rent, a 10% override on the total revenue generated by the airport.

That means more passengers = more planes = more revenue for the City of New York.

In other words, the City of New York is a carcinogenic and fossil fuel enabler: the City should be looking for solutions that other, first-world cities have figured out long ago.  That is, to keep a city liveable you move the airports outside the densely-packed environs of a city.  The do anything otherwise is plane (sic) stupid.

Don't let the politicians say they are pro-environment when the City itself benefits from the air pollution and noise these businesses bring to our City.

Questions?  Contact  We have a full copy of the lease between NYC and the Airports.

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